Sunday, August 12, 2018

back to school

Can you believe that school started last week around here?

But these girls were ready, I tell you!



 Kylie is now a 5th grader, which means intermediate school.  She practically hopped out of bed at 6:30am, and had made her bed, gotten dressed, and packed her lunch before I even came out of my room in the morning!  To say that she was excited would be an understatement.  But as we walked down to the bus stop she got quieter and quieter.  She admitted that she was a little nervous but her fears seemed to dwindle when she recognized some familiar faces at the bus stop.  I said a little prayer for her as she hopped on the bus.

Summer's bus wouldn't come for another hour after Kylie's but she was too excited to stay in bed :)  We've got a 2nd grader, folks!

Since we had time to kill before heading to the bus stop for the second time, we made rainbow pancakes.


By now, Summer is a pro at riding the bus.  Jackson can hardly wait until it's his turn! One more year...

Since the girls catch the bus at different times in the morning, they arrive at different times in the afternoon.

Kylie was the first one home and I loved chatting with her over chocolate chip cookies about her first day at intermediate school.  The best part for her?  Lockers!  She's already planning how she's going to organize hers. {My girl...}

An hour later Summer came home.  She had been a little nervous about her teacher this year because she thought she might be a "yeller."  But, as is typical Summer fashion, she likes her already.  I'm sure it helps having one of her best friends in class with her this year.

Overall, the girls are super excited for a new school year!  In about a month, kid #3 will be heading off to preschool :)

a day at the beach

Last summer we hit the beach the Saturday before school started, and we decided to stick to that tradition this year.  We invited some friends to join us and it made the day so much fun!

Monday, July 30, 2018

july wrap-up

I blinked and July is {pretty much} over.  It's been a really fun month!  Lots of pool days, get-togethers with friends, and visits from family.

Josh worked hard to finish laying the floor.  We were dragging our feet in the kitchen because it involved moving appliances -- which is no easy task -- but I came home one day to this:

He did a lot of the grunt work, then together we put up baseboards.  I really am happy with the way it all turned out.

The 4th of July came and went.  Independence Day is probably my favorite holiday besides Christmas, but this year I wasn't feeling well enough to enjoy it.  It didn't help that it was 94 degrees with 100% humidity that day.  YUCK!  We went to the parade with some friends and the kids tried to seek refuge from the heat in a small beach tent we brought but to no avail.

The parade was somewhat disappointing this year too.  BUT, it was inspiring to see Ella Whistler, the 13-year-old girl who was shot at West Middle School in the neighboring town. Amazing.

I really wasn't feeling well at all after the parade so after a restful afternoon at home, Josh took all 4 kids to a friends' house for a BBQ and swimming.  Our friends have become like family; even their family have become like family :)

We had to replace our vacuum because our old one quit working.  So far no complaints.  It definitely does its job.

Prior to the 4th of July I had been dealing with cold-like symptoms for about a week.  As we drove to the parade, I felt terrible.  My sinuses were clogged and I couldn't breathe through my nose.  Over the next few weeks, the symptoms persisted and eventually moved into my lungs.  I waited to see a doctor because I really just thought I had a cold, but eventually I made the trip.  I was diagnosed with a nasty sinus infection.  After being on an antibiotic for a week, my sinuses cleared but my chest still felt tight and I was coughing a lot.  I called the doctor to update her on my condition and she referred me to an allergist.  I'll visit them in a couple weeks but in the meantime I've been using a long-acting inhaler that has been soooo helpful.  The doctor is thinking that I've been suffering with asthma for awhile and it's gone undiagnosed.  It's probable that my asthma {if I have it} is exacerbated by seasonal allergies and virus, like colds.  I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that I've been sick more often than I've been well this year :(  Hopefully we can get some answers soon! 

ANYWAY, some friends of ours were moving to CA so we had a pool party to celebrate them.

The tooth fairy has been busy around here!  Kylie and Summer BOTH lost teeth during the month of July.  Their toothy grins make them look so much older.

The weather was super hot and humid for most of the month so we spent many afternoons at the pool with friends.

I decided to chop my hair!  I've always wanted a pixie cut and I finally felt brave enough to do it.

Surprisingly, I felt completely at ease while in the chair.  Afterwards I was shocked to see so much hair on the floor!

I've been primarily straightening my hair for years because it was easier to manage that way.  But now I always wear it curly.  And I LOVE it.

My dear friend Kami {who cut my hair} also gave the girls their first official haircuts.  Kylie just got a trim but I talked Summer into going quite a bit shorter so it would be easier to manage.  She was nervous about it but had the biggest smile on her face when she saw the finished result.  Her hair is about 6 inches shorter.  So cute!

We visited Josh as his office to have lunch with him one day.  

We had a garage sale.  It was a ton of work but more successful than I anticipated.

The kids are having fun with their chores.  HA!  {The poop emoji represents cleaning up dog poop}.

Speaking of the dog, we've learned that he needs to get daily exercise or else he gets a little hyper indoors....

The kids and I went on a little hike one morning.  They really do love exploring.

Some friends of ours invited us and several other families over for a bonfire.  The kids had a blast ziplining, jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing by the creek, roasting hotdogs, making s'mores, and catching fireflies.  I love where we live and the wonderful friends we have here.

Believe it or not, school starts next week Wednesday!  We are soaking up every last bit of summertime that we can.

fun with grandma & grandpa

Josh's parents flew in from Washington to spend several days with us.  We've had a blast.


From the moment Glen & Cindy arrived they had the kids wrapped around their fingers.  {I'm sure it went both ways}.

Grandpa was such a great playmate to Jackson.  Together they played Candyland, ran around at the park, and built too many train tracks to count.

Roscoe discovered a new playmate as well...

We went to several restaurants while they were here and enjoyed some homemade ice cream one night too.

TopGolf opened last fall so we decided to head there one afternoon.  Even the kids had a great time!

The weather was nice and comfortable so we hung out outside as much as we could!

Josh spent the better part of a day smoking ribs, mac & cheese, and baked beans.  We invited some friends over and enjoyed a gorgeous evening outside in the backyard.  

Kylie has been very interested in baking lately so she was thrilled when Grandma suggested they bake something together.  

We loved every minute of having them here :)  Love you guys!