Sunday, May 7, 2017


I don't know if anyone outside of Indiana knows this, but we have been getting crazy amounts of rain.  I can't remember ever having a steady downpour for days.  There were several streets in our neighborhood that had standing water.

And wouldn't you know that the girls both had outdoor field trips on one of the rainiest days.  They were good sports about it but it sure didn't help the cough that Kylie had been fighting.  The next day we took a trip to the doctor's office to see if we would need an antibiotic.

Unfortunately, it's just a virus {and possibly seasonal allergies}.  We're doing everything we can to get rid of this nasty cough, including lots of this...

But, thankfully, the sun came out and we are soaking it up as much as we can!

Jackson has been enjoying the sunshine maybe a little too much :) 

Or maybe he's just going through a phase where clothes are optional.  Who knows?

Today was a gorgeous, cloudless day so we spent the afternoon at the park.  We were all pretty excited about that!  Hopefully there are lots of warm, sunny days in our future.

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