Monday, February 13, 2017

daddy/daughter dance

The girls take gymnastics at a sports complex that offers many different events throughout the year.  So when Summer came home with yet another flyer, I didn't think much of it.  But as soon as she said the words "daddy/daughter dance" my interest was piqued.  I have such fond memories of when my dad took me to special dances when I was a little girl.

Although both Kylie and Summer could have attended the dance, Summer was the one who insisted on going.  She was counting down the days for weeks!

Finally, the big day had arrived.  She couldn't have been more excited.  Or darling :)

These two had the best time!  They were surprised to see a few familiar faces from church there also, which made it that much more fun.

When Josh and Summer came home I asked how their evening went.  Summer said, "It was awesome!  We danced fancy... and CRAZY too!"

Sounds like my girl.

Friday, February 10, 2017

a visit from grandma & grandad

Before all of the chaos surrounding our visit to the ER started, we had a delightful weekend with Grandma & Grandad!  I don't know who's more excited when they come to town - my parents or the kids. Or Roscoe 😉

The kids enjoyed showing off their baby books.

We watched Zootopia, which never stops being funny no matter how many times you've seen it.

We rescheduled the girls' mid-week gymnastics class for the weekend so my parents could see them in action.

 We played games and just enjoyed a relaxing Super Bowl weekend together.

Josh spent hours creating a delicious array of smoked meat for us.  That's a hobby I can support wholeheartedly.  Jackson was more about the desserts, especially the "brown." {brownies}

 We sure love you, Grandma & Grandad.  Thanks for coming to visit!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Monday began as a pretty typical day.  The girls got ready for school and hopped on the bus.  I checked emails.  I started a load of laundry.  I ran the dishwasher.  I spent the morning catching up with a good friend.

Jackson and I hurried home so we could grab a quick bite to eat before picking up the girls from school and dashing across town to their dentist appointments.  All day long I kept thinking If we can just make it through the dentist appointments, the rest of the day will be smooth sailing.
No one could have prepared me for what would happen next.

The appointment began without a hitch.  Summer got her teeth cleaned-- no cavities!-- and Jackson watched a show on the iPad while Kylie read a magazine in the waiting room.  Then it was Kylie's turn for her cleaning.  Again, no issues. 

Then everything came to a grinding halt.
The iPad clattered to the floor and I looked up just in time to see Jackson slide off his chair.  He landed on his back and immediately his entire body began to shake.  His eyes rolled back in his head and his facial muscles began twitching.
I will never forget that moment for as long as I live.  I felt so helpless.  It took every ounce of energy I had not to break down and cry.

Thankfully, I wasn't alone.  The dental hygienist {Brenda} knelt with me on the floor and helped me turn Jackson onto his side so he wouldn't choke.  After a few minutes the seizure was over.  By this time the dentist was also in the room.  He took Brenda's place at my side while she left the room to call 911.  From my spot on the floor I called our pediatrician to see if there was anything I needed to do while we waited for the paramedics.  I also called Josh to let him know what happened.

Kylie and Summer were rock stars.  They were obviously concerned for their brother but they sat quietly and let us care for him.  Summer became a little fearful when the paramedics arrived but fortunately Josh arrived just a few minutes later and he was able to care for the girls.

The paramedics were fantastic.  They talked to Jackson while they checked his vitals.  It wasn't until they pricked his finger to test his blood sugar that Jack opened his eyes, but he immediately lost consciousness again.

They lifted him onto a gurney and began strapping him on when he finally woke up for good.  He was disoriented and fussy so I climbed onto the gurney with him.  Together we rode in the back of the ambulance to the hospital while Josh finished up with the girls.  It's too bad that Jackson was the patient; he would have loved the ambulance ride otherwise!

Once at the hospital, Jackson's vitals were checked again and everything came back normal.  While we waited to see the doctor, Josh arrived with the girls.  We had no idea how long we would have to stay at the hospital so it was decided that Josh would drop the girls off at home where our neighbor could watch them.

The remainder of our time in the Emergency Room was mostly spent waiting.  Jackson fell asleep but only briefly because the nurse needed to start him on an IV.  The did fine during the poke but he hated being hooked up to a bunch of machines.  He kept asking to get down.

The nurse also did a flu test and a strep test.  Surprisingly, the strep test came back positive even though he wasn't exhibiting any symptoms.  As a result he was administered Amoxicillin through his IV.

Later, he received a CT scan.  That also came back normal.  A pediatric neurologist came and evaluated him.  He, too, couldn't find any signs of illness or infection.  Febrile seizures are fairly common in young children but we were able to quickly rule that out because Jackson didn't have a fever.

We were finally given the green light to go home. Gratitude overwhelmed me.

I was thankful that Jackson was OK.  I was thankful that we didn't have to stay overnight.  I was thankful that all of the help we received had been so readily available and had come so quickly.  I was thankful that I wasn't alone.

We still don't really have any answers as to what caused the seizure.  Once we left the hospital, Jackson was back to his normal self, counting cars and pointing out every red, yellow, and green light on the way home.  He is scheduled to have an EEG on Friday and if everything looks good he won't need any further tests or treatment.

I realized a few things that day: I can be strong when I have to be; I should keep granola bars in my purse; cell phones are a godsend; people are innately kind.

But most of all: life is precious.  And, boy, so are you.