Tuesday, January 31, 2017

january wrap up

January was an eventful month.  Here's what we've been up to:

Moms, has your morning ever gone from this...

to this, in a matter of minutes?  If Jackson could hashtag this picture, it would be #sorrynotsorry

These two...are mischievous.  One constantly steals my phone, the other steals my stuff.  One day Roscoe took a sealed container of crayons out of my church bag, snapped the top off, and ate every single crayon.

But when a certain little boy keeps stealing your toys, what's a dog to do?

In case you're wondering, this is exactly what the relationship between a boy and his dog is like.

This is love #dog #pet http://www.nojigoji.com.au/:

The other day I caught Jackson sharing his lunch with Roscoe.

We spent the entire month battling sickness.  Thankfully the yucky stomach bugs passed us by, but the kids couldn't seem to get rid of the fevers.  No fun.

I'm ready for warmer weather!  Clearly, I'm not the only one...

The kids had some fun with books.  Summer's new favorite book is The Book With No Pictures because it forces the reader to say really silly things.  Kylie got some birthday money that she was thrilled to spend at Barnes & Noble.

I finally finished Jackson's baby book.  He loved looking at pictures of "Baby Jack."

We've had some chilly treks to the bus stop.  No one seems to mind but me :)

Once the girls are on the bus, Jack and I make the walk home.  I enjoy these walks with him.  Seeing things from his perspective is so interesting.  It rained one morning and he was fascinated by all of the worms on the sidewalk.

I love to see him excited about learning, which is why I decided to register him for preschool this fall.

 Broadening his circle of friends wouldn't hurt either.  Ha!

 Seriously though, he's so fun.  I really do cherish this one-on-one time with him.

We all had a great time celebrating Kylie's birthday at the ice skating rink.  Summer was a natural!

We started working on a 750 piece puzzle.  I was afraid it would overwhelm the girls but they actually really enjoy searching for "matches" in their down time.

We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year.  The girls love learning about different cultures!

I got to have a lunch date with Summer.  Love that girl!

I thought it would be fun to see how our family changes over the year.  As of January 2017, this is us!

Monday, January 23, 2017

celebrating kylie

Yesterday, Kylie went ahead and turned NINE.  I have a nine-year-old.  

She requested to have a birthday party this year, and not just any party -- an ice skating party. So a few of her closest friends joined us at the skating rink and we all had a blast.

Kylie's actual birthday was very busy so we took a few moments today to honor her with a couple of her favorite things: flowers and a French dessert.

Usually on my kids' birthdays I post several of my favorite things about them. But this year I thought it would be fun to share some interesting "facts."

1. What is your favorite food?  Red velvet cupcakes
2. What is your favorite color?  Robin's egg blue
3. What is your favorite TV show?  So You Think You Can Dance
4. What is your favorite thing to do?  Draw & read
5. Name a place you would like to visit.  New York City
6. What is your favorite thing to play with?  My American Girl Doll, Anya
7. Who is your best friend?  Bella
8. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A fashion designer
9.  What is your favorite memory from 2016?  Getting baptized

Kylie has grown up right before our eyes over the past year.  She has matured a lot and is becoming such a fun and interesting individual.

Kylie is a mysterious little lady.  Just when I think I've got her pegged she throws me for a loop -- and I'm her mom!  She can be a total girly girl {like when she sketches outfits or accessorizes her doll for hours} but she can also be quite the tomboy {like when she has nerf gun wars with her friends that are boys}.  I love that she keeps us guessing.


She recently developed an interest in Greek mythology.  She's read every Percy Jackson book and can effortlessly rattle off the different gods and goddesses.  I'm often amazed at the countless facts that are stored up in that brain of hers.  A typical conversation goes something like this:

K: Did you know that you can smell better with your right nostril than your left?
Me: No, I didn't know that.
K: And did you know that animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons?
Me: Well that makes sense.
K: Yeah.  And guess what?  Neil Armstrong left his space boots on the moon.

I'm not exaggerating in the least.  She's a walking encyclopedia, and proud of it.  She's got big plans, after all.  She's already started looking into different colleges!  I hope she doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon...

Happy birthday, Kylie.  We love you to pieces, girl.

Monday, January 16, 2017

what throw pillows taught me

Like many other females, I spend my fair share of time on Pinterest.  I love exploring new ideas and figuring out how to implement them in my own home. 

Lately I've been drawn to the "farmhouse" look: weathered paint, rustic decor, wood pallets, etc.  It really is gorgeous when done right.


Using a similar photo as my inspiration, I decided to embark on a project to brighten up my very brown living room.

I've got 3 young children and a puppy, so for right now new couches are out.  Instead, I visited the local Goodwill store and snagged a few throw pillows.  And then a few more.

I then went to Hobby Lobby {love that place} and picked out some coordinating fabrics.  I followed a simple sewing tutorial and whipped up some throw pillow covers.  The result:

I hated it.

I asked Josh for his opinion and he confirmed my own feelings: they just weren't me.

Ugh.  I wouldn't say it was a Pinterest fail because technically the pillows turned out just fine, but I was trying to copy a style that isn't entirely me.

So back to Hobby Lobby I went.  This time I didn't rush.  I didn't beeline straight to the clearance section.  Instead, I picked the fabrics that truly reflected my personality.  The new result:

After I placed my new pillows on the couch {for the 2nd time...}, Josh smiled and said, "What did you learn?"

Well, I learned that:

1.  It's important to BE MYSELF. 

2. It's OK to invest in quality things.  The second time I went to Hobby Lobby I picked fabrics that were durable and vivid, perfect for a household with 3 kids and a dog!

3. Things don't need to happen instantly.  Why on earth did I think it was smart to buy FOUR fabrics I wasn't even drawn to?  It's hard not to go crazy when you're eager to create a "look."  But I learned the importance of taking things one step at a time.

A similar experience happened to me many years ago when I was engaged to be married.  At the time, I was a couple months shy of my 19th birthday.  I had been to maybe one wedding in my entire life.  Needless to say, I had no frame of reference when I was planning my own wedding.  The details reflected what I thought a wedding should look like: elegant, romantic, and very grown up (ha!).  Looking back, I wish I would have dared to be different: sunflowers instead of daisies, bold colors instead of pastels.  Not that those details are important in the grand scheme of things, but I think I would have appreciated that special day that much more had it reflected me.

Funny how life's lessons pop up more than once.

Anyway, my living room looks nothing like the picture I found on Pinterest, and that's okay.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

get well soon

That is the message I would like to share with my children right now.

I had at least one sick child home with me every day this week.  Fortunately it was nothing serious, just coughs and sniffles and low-grade fevers. 

We're all going a little stir crazy, which has forced us to get creative in terms of entertainment.

I even gave Jackson a haircut one day because I needed something to do!

I will say, though, that we picked a good time to stay indoors -- at least that's what the frozen trees are saying to me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

my 2017 word

I'm feeling positive vibes about this year.  

Sure, things have gotten off to a bumpy start {see my last post} but there are 354 days left of this year and I'm determined to make the most of them.  I love the month of January because as I look at my empty calendar all I see is a blank canvas.  So many possibilities.

My word for 2017 is:


As I focused on developing and sharing my talents in 2016, I learned that I really enjoy creating things.  But this year there are three specific "things" I'm going to strive to create: 

1. Healthy habitsI need to make time for the things that bring me energy and joy.

2. Lasting memories.  As a stay-at-home mom, I plan and implement many of the goings on in my family.  I'm a firm believer that memories can be made in the little things just as well as the big things.  This year I plan to create more opportunities to make meaningful memories, and to capture them in photographs! 

3. Loving relationshipsI have been blessed with many wonderful relationships in my life.  I want to make a more concentrated effort to foster those relationships, and maybe even create some new ones.

imagine it. then create it.