Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Louisville + Life Lately

We recently took a day trip to Louisville to visit Josh's sister and her cute family. We're trying to take full advantage of having them close by because in just a few short weeks they'll be heading back to AZ.

For days before our trip, Jackson asked repeatedly, "Go see baby Kayo?"  As soon as he saw his little cousin he wanted to hold him.  Immediately.

We went to a park right on the Ohio River and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon.

Afterwards we went back to Prince & Rachael's place to go swimming.

 I'm so, so glad we've been able to spend quality time with Rachael's sweet family.

Since our trip to Kentucky we've been spending a lot of our time just trying to stay cool!

One person who hasn't minded the heat is this guy.  Warm days = bike rides.

Jackson has been showing signs of readiness for potty training.  We're not going to start attacking that project until school starts and I have more free time, but a little practice can't hurt.

The novelty of summer vacation has worn off a bit and the girls are beginning to get on each others' nerves.  When they fight and bicker, they get sent to "the bench" where they have to work things out.  The other day Jackson couldn't handle how sad they looked so he decided to join them.

We've been trying to get the family more involved in the planning of Family Home Evening.  Summer volunteered to do a lesson on prayer.  Everyone seemed to enjoy playing Prayer Bingo {and eating the skittles when we were done}.

Our activity was working together to get the car ready for our upcoming trip to Michigan.  The kids are beyond excited!  Something tells me they won't be as enthusiastic about cleaning the car when we get back...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Symphony on the prairie

One of my favorite things about where we live is how much there is to do.  And it's even better when something fun is happening right down the street!  

The other night we attended a concert put on by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  It took place at Conner Prairie, an interactive historical site.  You may recall from a previous post my less-than-thrilled feelings about this particular place, but since it only happened to be the venue for the concert, it was amazing :)

We were given tickets to this event because Josh's company is one of the sponsors.  There are tons of concerts throughout the summer and fall months to choose from, but we chose this one because it featured the music of John Williams.  He composed scores for movies like Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.

The atmosphere was super laid back and the weather was perfect.  Josh and I enjoyed the view from our camping chairs while the kids spread out their toys and snacks on a blanket in front of us.  Everyone had such a great time.  That was one activity I wouldn't mind repeating in years to come.



Friday, July 8, 2016


 I love finding little havens in the city.  Flowing Well Park is one of our favs.


Jackson kept saying, "Mommy!  Wook!  A wock!  Another wock!"

He didn't realize that the creek would sweep away his shovels, so Kylie had to rescue them a few times.

Oh, my sweet boy.  As long as he has rocks and cars, his world is complete.

One of my favorite things about places like these is time seems to stand still, if only for a little while.  It's bittersweet that the kids are growing up so fast!  After all, our lives won't be as simple as rocks and shovels forever.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trip a Cago

We decided to celebrate the 4th of July in the Windy City this year.  The girls were so excited for this particular trip and Jackson quickly picked up on their enthusiasm.  For the first 30 minutes of our car ride our conversation went something like this:

"Mommy?  Trip a Cago?"
"Yes, we're taking a trip to Chicago."
"Yay!!!  A Cago!"

We arrived to the city early and found a parking spot right outside Lincoln Park Zoo.  It was the perfect place to begin our tour of the city.

We had a picnic lunch in the gardens right outside the zoo.


Next came the moment the girls had been waiting for: The American Girl Store.  Kylie and Summer could have browsed that store for hours.  Summer was impressed that they even had outfits for the dolls' pets, and Kylie wound her way through the book aisles several times.


We walked to Giordano's for dinner and arrived just before the dinnertime crowd.  We were seated immediately but had to wait about 40 minutes for our pizza to arrive.  It was well worth the wait!

We passed Millennium Park on the way to our hotel.  The kids loved watching the faces on the Crown Fountain and making silly faces of their own in the reflection of the Bean.


By then we were ready to go to our hotel to rest our feet a little bit.  Especially Josh.


The girls loved feeling "fancy" for a day.  They were awestruck by the chandeliers, artwork...and indoor pool :)

While the crowds bustled outside our hotel room, we watched Happy Feet on TV and caught glimpses of the fireworks outside our window.

The next day we went for one last stroll through Millennium Park on our way to Maggie Daley Park.

Our next stop was Navy Pier.  It was a loooong walk.  And it felt especially long because it was humid, we were getting hungry, and Kylie was wearing flip flops.  But we made it.

Don't the girls look thrilled to be there?  Ha!  They knew a long walk back was ahead of them.

Jackson wasn't too excited about that either.

If nothing else, that super long walk gave us some great views of the city.

'Til next time, Chicago!