Monday, May 30, 2016

May wrap up

Happy Memorial Day!  I've been thinking of these song lyrics all day:
Salute the ones who died
The ones who gave their lives
So we don't have to sacrifice 
All the things we love.
 - Zac Brown Band

How blessed we are to live here, enjoying all of the things we do.

May was another wonderfully eventful month.

The girls got to attend our neighbor's birthday party.  Summer decided to sing "Happy Birthday" on the floor.  Never a dull moment with that one, I tell you.

I got to attend a Mother/Daughter hike with Kylie's Activity Day group from church.  Summer and I had a great time tagging along with her, soaking up the beautiful outdoors.

I also attended a sweet Mother's Day luncheon at Summer's preschool.


And then, of course, preschool graduation.  I still can't believe how grown up she's becoming.

The kids all took turns being sick.  Then Josh broke his foot.  May felt a little long and tiresome at times!


The kids and I attended a field trip to a park with Summer's preschool class.  Those little preschool girls never left Kylie's side.  They adored her!

 On Mother's Day, the family surprised me with a groupon for a massage.  It was lovely :)

Kylie has turned into quite the fashionista.  

She appointed herself as my personal stylist and takes her job very seriously. 


Summer was over the moon when she found out that she would get to bring the snack AND show & tell on the last day of school.  She enjoyed being my little helper making the dirt cups.

We have bunnies living under our deck and Jackson thinks they're just the best.  

Josh and I had "the talk" with Kylie.  It actually went really well!  I would highly recommend having that initial talk when kids are eight.  At this age they're old enough to understand what you're talking about, but young enough to still believe what you say and ask questions without being embarrassed. 

Library days :)

I'm loving having this beautiful temple so close by. 

The kids loved the idea of dirt cups so much that we made them again today.  Yum!

Jackson got sick again.  Sometimes round 2 of sickness is worse than the first one.  Poor guy.

But the extra cuddles are always nice.

I ran a 10K, just for fun.  And I would do it again!  I think a 10K is my sweet spot because it's far enough that you need to train for it, but short enough that it's not miserable.

We got together with our awesome friends. 

And now that the weather has warmed up {for good!} we are spending more and more time outside.

Looking forward to a fun-filled summer!