Monday, May 30, 2016

May wrap up

Happy Memorial Day!  I've been thinking of these song lyrics all day:
Salute the ones who died
The ones who gave their lives
So we don't have to sacrifice 
All the things we love.
 - Zac Brown Band

How blessed we are to live here, enjoying all of the things we do.

May was another wonderfully eventful month.

The girls got to attend our neighbor's birthday party.  Summer decided to sing "Happy Birthday" on the floor.  Never a dull moment with that one, I tell you.

I got to attend a Mother/Daughter hike with Kylie's Activity Day group from church.  Summer and I had a great time tagging along with her, soaking up the beautiful outdoors.

I also attended a sweet Mother's Day luncheon at Summer's preschool.


And then, of course, preschool graduation.  I still can't believe how grown up she's becoming.

The kids all took turns being sick.  Then Josh broke his foot.  May felt a little long and tiresome at times!


The kids and I attended a field trip to a park with Summer's preschool class.  Those little preschool girls never left Kylie's side.  They adored her!

 On Mother's Day, the family surprised me with a groupon for a massage.  It was lovely :)

Kylie has turned into quite the fashionista.  

She appointed herself as my personal stylist and takes her job very seriously. 


Summer was over the moon when she found out that she would get to bring the snack AND show & tell on the last day of school.  She enjoyed being my little helper making the dirt cups.

We have bunnies living under our deck and Jackson thinks they're just the best.  

Josh and I had "the talk" with Kylie.  It actually went really well!  I would highly recommend having that initial talk when kids are eight.  At this age they're old enough to understand what you're talking about, but young enough to still believe what you say and ask questions without being embarrassed. 

Library days :)

I'm loving having this beautiful temple so close by. 

The kids loved the idea of dirt cups so much that we made them again today.  Yum!

Jackson got sick again.  Sometimes round 2 of sickness is worse than the first one.  Poor guy.

But the extra cuddles are always nice.

I ran a 10K, just for fun.  And I would do it again!  I think a 10K is my sweet spot because it's far enough that you need to train for it, but short enough that it's not miserable.

We got together with our awesome friends. 

And now that the weather has warmed up {for good!} we are spending more and more time outside.

Looking forward to a fun-filled summer!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

School's out

Another school year has come and gone.  Is it just me or did that go by really fast?!

I feel like this picture is a perfect representation of the difference between the first and last days of school.  First day: cute, posed picture.  Last day: snap a quick shot on the way to the bus stop with hair semi-done.  Just whatever, man.

This year's school wrap up was particularly significant for Summer.  It's hard to believe that she'll be heading off to kindergarten in the fall. 

Sometimes I wish I could stop time.

Although I'm already starting to brace myself for what lies ahead, Summer couldn't be more excited.

All of the pre-K classes put on a little production to celebrate their final day as preschoolers.  Summer's theatrics know no bounds :)

Ready or not, summer vacation has begun!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016


A few weeks ago Josh began experiencing some pain in his left foot.  He's not one to complain so I knew it must have been really bothering him when he made a doctor's appointment to have it looked at.  The doctor took an x-ray but didn't see anything so he referred Josh to a podiatrist.  The podiatrist thought that it may have been a stress fracture, but since nothing showed up on the scan it was anybody's best guess at that point.  He taped up Josh's foot in an effort to alleviate some of the tension, which seemed to help.

Once the tape was off, Josh was feeling quite a bit better so he decided to resume his usual physical activities.  

On Monday morning he got up early to play basketball.  While he was running, he felt a pop in his foot.  He said that it didn't hurt at first; he thought a ball had bumped into the side of his foot.  But as he tried to continue running, the pain began and he knew that something bad had happened.

He visited the podiatrist later that afternoon {after hobbling around all morning} and learned that he indeed had broken his foot.  Since it was a clean break, surgery would be required.

As if that news wasn't bad enough, Josh would have to spend the rest of the week in an air cast until his surgery appointment.  Sitting around wasn't so bad.  But any kind of movement was excruciating.

Josh had his surgery this morning and everything went really well!  The doctor put a single screw in his foot to hold the broken bones together.  His foot will be bandaged for the next week, followed by another few weeks with the air cast.  He's in good spirits but I know he's ready for things to get back to normal.

Just for the record, I have to share some of the funny things that Josh said in the recovery room.  Thankfully he wasn't inappropriate {anesthesia can bring out the crazy in people} but his side of the conversation sounded a lot like this:

"How did everything go?  Can I have some water, please?  What time is it?  Did you get any work done or did you just read your book?  Water, please."

Nods off.

"Did everything go ok?  What time is it?  Did you finish your book?  Water, please."

While nodding off:  "My boot is... bluuuuuueeeee."

"How did everything go?  Did you get any work done?  What time is it?  Water, please.  I'm kind of  Tacos?  No.  Burger?  No.  Pizza.  Yes, pizza.  Water, please."

Nods off.

"So...did everything go ok?"

You get the idea.  As the anesthesia wore off, he actually got a little bit funnier:

"Is the guy in the next room snoring?  Hey, shut up!" {He was joking but he said that a little too loudly}.

"Kourtni...nurses are SO great.  Seriously."

To the nurse: "I didn't snore, did I?  See, Kourtni, I don't always snore."

Oh man, I love that guy!

The weekend will be a relaxing one {for some of us}.  Here's to a speedy recovery!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The story of us

Ten years ago Josh and I made a choice.  We chose each other.  And we've continued to choose each other every day since then.

I wish I had more pictures to help tell our story but I didn't get into photography until later, so bear with me.

Josh and I met in June of 2005 at his sister's graduation open house.  Because of our age difference and our different stages in life, I had never met him despite my friendship with his sister.  When I told him I would be attending BYU in the fall, he said he would look me up and take me for a motorcycle ride.  Yeah, sure, I thought.  

Well, it just so happened that in November of that same year we bumped into each other on campus and he made good on that motorcycle ride.  That was our first date.
This is why there's a special place in our hearts for motorcycle rides :)

I've mentioned before that we moved a lot.  Here's why:

Our married life began in Florida.  Josh had signed up to sell security systems for the summer.  We packed only the things that could fit in our car.  I lasted about 6 weeks before homesickness took over.  Sales wasn't working out for Josh and sitting at home all day by myself wasn't working out for me, so we ditched the job and spent the remainder of the summer living with Josh's parents in Michigan.  God bless them.

When the summer was over we drove back to Utah so I could continue my education at BYU. We lived in a 3-bedroom condo that was owned by Josh's good friend.  We had NO idea just how good we had it!  

When the rent was raised {it was still a huge steal...we were just broke}, we moved up the road to a 2-bedroom place.  This would be our home for the remainder of our time in Utah.  It was around this time that Josh discovered his niche in IT.


After graduation we moved "home" to Michigan where we lived with my parents for a little over a year.  God bless them.  Living there turned out to be a huge blessing for many reasons.  Josh was able to work remotely and I... well, I did my best to endure well through a difficult pregnancy.

Just before Summer was born, we scraped up enough money to get our own apartment.  Josh was still able to work remotely but he began traveling more and more.  Those were some tough times, for both of us.

Our humble abode was affordable for a good reason: it was in the 'hood.  And sometimes it was scary.  So after our one-year lease was up, we moved into a duplex that some friends had bought.  Josh continued to travel...until he lost his job.  That was a stressful and nerve-wracking time but we experienced many blessings too.  I had a part-time job where I was able to work extra hours.  The duplex next to us was empty and in need of remodeling, so our friends basically employed us to fix it up.  Everyone was healthy.  We had friends and family close by.  We have fond memories of that place.

Thankfully, Josh wasn't without a job for long but it required us to move to Carmel, Indiana.  We took a huge leap of faith and left "home."  We had no idea the blessings that would come our way. 

In Carmel, we lived for 2 years in an apartment complex, then another 2 years just up the street in 2 different town homes.  By this time we were practically moving professionals!  But at each place we lived, we knew it was right for our family and we always seemed to meet the most wonderful people.

Now, 10 years later, we're homeowners in Fishers.  I could write an entire blog post about some of the life lessons we've learned along the way.  In fact, someday I might.  But for now I'll say this: 

"I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now."
- unknown
 There were times when life was so, so hard.  But I had my best friend by my side the whole time.

He became my biggest cheerleader, and I became his.  We learned to work hard, sacrifice, and plan.

And we learned how to love.  Not only each other, but the children who joined our family and are equal parts US.

So in honor of our 10th anniversary, here are 10 things that I have learned about Josh over the years that I absolutely LOVE:

1. He is selfless, sometimes to a fault.  He's always willing to put others first.
2. He is funny!  Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. 
3. He is an amazing dad.

4. He is a hard worker.
5. He prays every morning and night.  Always.
6. He's loyal.  He's vocal about the fact that I'm his favorite person and he has my back.
7. He's affectionate.  {Notice that Summer isn't even fazed by this...}

8. He's domestic.  I love that he can cook, clean, and take care of the kids just as well as I can.
9. He's a great listener.
10. He's thoughtful.  And creative.  And sweet.

Ten years down.  An eternity to go :)