Thursday, January 7, 2016

my 2016 word

I love new beginnings, don't you?

The chance to reflect, re-evaluate and start fresh.  This year holds endless possibilities and that makes me positively giddy.

I love setting goals.  I love them even more when they are simplistic.  Which is why I like to choose a single word to focus on for the entire year.

Last year my word was "create."  I realized that if I wanted my life to be a certain way, I needed to create my own opportunities.  This led to our family creating many wonderful memories together.

The year before that my word was "family."  I learned to cherish my role as a stay-at-home mom and focus on being present with my husband and kids.

This year, though, my focus is shifting.  

Are you ready for my word?

If you're a friend of mine you know that the spotlight isn't really my thing.  So instead, I'd like to focus on shining from within.  

This will be a year chocked full of hard work and devotion.  

I'll be devoting myself to spiritual growth.  I'm not a morning person but I find that when I wake up early and study God's word first thing, I'm much happier.

I'll be devoting myself to learning more about my passions.  What do I love to do that people can't get me to shut up about?  I'm going to make time for those things this year. 

And finally I'll be devoting myself to service.  God has been good to me.  It's only right that I give freely where He has already made me full.

Yes, I have a feeling that 2016 will be a very bright year.

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