Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our week

Here's what we've been up to this week:

I got to be the Mystery Reader in Summer's preschool class.  Lately she's been a little tearful when I drop her off in the morning, so she was thrilled that I got to stay this time.


Jackson learned to be resourceful, and how to say "I not." {insert face palm here}.

After lots of late nights and early mornings studying for a test, Josh passed!  He's now one step closer to getting his MCSA {a Microsoft certification}.  I'm so proud of him!

Like many preschools in Indiana, Summer's is located in a church.  On Fridays the classes meet for a time in the Chapel where they learn about a Bible story.  Her class got to welcome everyone and perform a couple of songs.

My brother drove all the way from New Mexico to Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he was kind enough to make a quick pit stop here to see us.

Kyle's visits typically involve an introduction to his newest gun(s).

Kyle told me that he would be bringing his own bed.  I died laughing when he inflated it in about 2 puffs.  Jackson thought it was pretty comfy.

Kylie learned a few card tricks...

...and Jackson practiced a few flips.

 The kids loved checking out Kyle's new truck.  So did Josh :)

The kids couldn't be more excited that they get to see Uncle Kyle {and the rest of the family} in just a few days!

We got our first snow over the weekend.  While the girls did this...

... I did this.  Since we'll be out of town for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, we opted for a small artificial tree.  I love the ambiance it adds to the room.

 Josh tackled a project while basking in the win of his favorite football team.

Unfortunately, Kylie woke up this morning feeling pretty sick, and by the end of the day all of the kids were a little feverish.  Here's to hoping that everyone is better by Thanksgiving!

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