Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our week

Here's what we've been up to this week:

I got to be the Mystery Reader in Summer's preschool class.  Lately she's been a little tearful when I drop her off in the morning, so she was thrilled that I got to stay this time.


Jackson learned to be resourceful, and how to say "I not." {insert face palm here}.

After lots of late nights and early mornings studying for a test, Josh passed!  He's now one step closer to getting his MCSA {a Microsoft certification}.  I'm so proud of him!

Like many preschools in Indiana, Summer's is located in a church.  On Fridays the classes meet for a time in the Chapel where they learn about a Bible story.  Her class got to welcome everyone and perform a couple of songs.

My brother drove all the way from New Mexico to Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday, but he was kind enough to make a quick pit stop here to see us.

Kyle's visits typically involve an introduction to his newest gun(s).

Kyle told me that he would be bringing his own bed.  I died laughing when he inflated it in about 2 puffs.  Jackson thought it was pretty comfy.

Kylie learned a few card tricks...

...and Jackson practiced a few flips.

 The kids loved checking out Kyle's new truck.  So did Josh :)

The kids couldn't be more excited that they get to see Uncle Kyle {and the rest of the family} in just a few days!

We got our first snow over the weekend.  While the girls did this...

... I did this.  Since we'll be out of town for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, we opted for a small artificial tree.  I love the ambiance it adds to the room.

 Josh tackled a project while basking in the win of his favorite football team.

Unfortunately, Kylie woke up this morning feeling pretty sick, and by the end of the day all of the kids were a little feverish.  Here's to hoping that everyone is better by Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Last Christmas the girls received a special "coupon" in their stockings.

Now, almost one year later, the coupon has been redeemed!
Kylie started to show more interest in getting her ears pierced when she realized that some of her friends from school wore earrings.  And Summer, who is always wanting to follow in her big sister's footsteps, assured me that she was ready too.  So we made plans to visit the jewelry store and the girls were counting down the days.

When we got to the store, the girls eyes grew wide as they browsed each display and considered the possibilities of earrings they could wear in the future.  Sparkly studs?  Hoops?  Dangly light-up Christmas wreaths?  Bring 'em on.

Kylie hopped right up in the chair and was all smiles.  She was definitely ready.

Summer wasn't quite so sure but she had a lot of support...

She was so brave, bless her heart!

And just like that another rite of passage has been checked off the list.  These girls are growing up so fast!

Monday, November 9, 2015


This time of year is always special to me.  I love having a month dedicated to being grateful.  And I have so much to be grateful for!

For one thing, Mother Nature has been generous.  We've had gorgeous fall weather, and in the Midwest, that's a pretty big deal.

I've also been blessed with great friends.  Packing up and moving to Indiana 4 years ago was a scary thing but the friends alone have made it worth it!  Our family recently helped some friends prepare to move back to Utah and, although we've only known them for a short time, I'll remember them forever.  Funny how the most unlikely friendships are sometimes the best ones.
Their son (below) was entertaining the kids with a leaf blower while we helped clean/pack.  Awesome.
I'm grateful for my house.  After years of settling in temporary places, we're finally home... and it feels fantastic.  P.S. I finally tidied up my wall calendar with chalkboard paint.  Love it.

I love that we can make memories right in our own backyard.  We've waited a long time for that.

 And then, of course, there's this beautiful family of mine.  They are my life.

Per tradition we made a gratitude tree to help us remember our blessings.

Even Josh participated. Jim Harbaugh is U of M's head football coach.

The kids took creative liberties with the leaves so we have more of a gratitude shrub.  But I'm impressed that they came up with things they're thankful for all on their own.  We are blessed, indeed.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2016

In the Midwest, you never know what to expect for Halloween.  I usually plan on cold/rainy weather so that we're prepared, and if it's any different we can be pleasantly surprised.
This year we got to be pleasantly surprised so we spent the day outdoors doing a little yard work.  I still can't get over those colors!
Oh, to be a kid again...

Later on we went and picked up the newest addition to our family :)  I saw this dining set listed online for a really good price so we decided to pull the trigger.  We've had our cute little IKEA table ever since Kylie was a newborn.  Nine moves and 2 kids later, that table had seen better days!

 Our good friends came over to trick-or-treat with us and we all had a blast.  

Kylie dressed up as a rapper.  Summer dressed up as Wonder Woman.

And Jackson refused to dress up.  I made him a Buddy the Elf costume but he absolutely would not wear it.  I tried putting a pirate hat on him so he could at least be dressed up as something but he wouldn't do that either.  So... he went trick-or-treating as himself: a two-year-old (which can be pretty scary, I must say).  He didn't even need a bag because he just ate the candy as he went!  
I can't believe Halloween is already over.  It will be Thanksgiving before we know it!