Friday, November 28, 2014

O Christmas tree

Today one of my lifelong dreams came true: we bought a real Christmas tree :)  I've always dreamed of welcoming in the Christmas season by venturing out as a family to pick out the perfect tree, bringing it home, and decorating it together.  That tradition began for the first time today and it is one that I'm looking forward to continuing each year.

The kids loved weaving through the maze of trees, pretending to play hide-and-seek in the "forest."

The farm where we purchased the tree from was truly a full-service place.  They chopped down the tree, shook out the dead needles, netted it, and strapped it to the car free of charge.  And they threw in free candy canes too {which Summer was pretty excited about}.

When we got home, we warmed ourselves up with some hot chocolate.

Josh was kind enough to bring the tree inside for me so I could begin the decorating process.

The scent of this tree alone has made the process worth it!  But the best part is that memories were made today.  The whole family was involved and had a great time.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

With a love like that, you know you should be glad

Feeling so grateful for this family of mine...

...and countless other things.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grandma, Granddad, & Kramer

This past weekend we got to spend some quality time with Grandma, Granddad, and Kramer.  The girls both had their school carnivals on Friday night.  They enjoyed playing the games, winning prizes, and showing everyone around their schools.

The rest of our time was unusually relaxing, which was a nice change of pace for us.



Don't you wish you had an uncle like Kramer? :)  He has stolen more than a few hearts.

It's always tough to say goodbye, but we're looking forward to seeing everyone again next month!

Until then, we'll try to get over the colds that have been plaguing us for weeks.  Ugh.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October wrap-up

As I looked through the pictures on my iPhone, I realized that a lot has happened that I haven't documented yet.

Here are some pictures from our move.  Oh my life, I hate moving. Clutter = nails on a chalkboard.
Old Place

New Place
It's taken a while longer than I thought it would, but it's all finally starting to come together and feel more like HOME.  Side note: I'm pretty sure my boy is actually part monkey.  Yes, he climbed up there himself!  Summer and I aren't very excited about that...

Earlier this month, we all gathered around the TV and tried to catch as many sessions of General Conference as we could.  The kids seemed to enjoy the activities we organized for them.  I LOVE having my whole family to myself during General Conference weekend.  It's the best.

 A friend of ours took our family pictures.  This is one that I snapped of Summer with my phone.

And here's a sneak peak of one that my friend took.  She's so great :)  It was freezing that morning!

The outside of the temple is complete!  Please excuse my dirty windshield.  We're fortunate enough to be able to pass by this temple every week on our way to church so we've been tracking the progress pretty closely.  It was a happy day around here when they put the Angel Moroni on top!  I can't wait until it's finally finished.  It will be SO amazing to only have to drive 10 minutes as opposed to 2.5 hours.

Summer was so excited to be able to wear her kitty costume to her fall party at preschool.  She wanted to show one of Josh's co-workers her pretty outfit so we stopped by the office real quick.

I'm sad to say that I only snapped 2 pictures on Halloween... and only one of them was of the kids.  As per tradition, our old neighbor stopped by to give the kids some Halloween candy and toys {God bless him}.  We didn't bother to dress Jackson up since he wouldn't be trick-or-treating, but Summer dressed up as a kitty and Kylie as a wolf.

Later on we met up with a few other families for trick-or-treating.  The ladies stayed behind and ate pizza while the dads took the kids.  They didn't last too long.  It snowed!

And now here we are in November.  The younger two kids and I have been trying to soak up as much of the warm autumn sun as possible.  From now until spring the sunny days will be few and far between.

I've also started watching our neighbor's daughter {and Kylie's close friend} several days each week after school.  It's interesting having 4 kids running around during the time of day when I usually hit my "wall" but I think we've finally figured out a good schedule.

And that's a wrap!