Friday, October 25, 2013

Why I've Been Slacking

Last weekend, my brother stopped by for a quick visit on his way up to Michigan to see the rest of the fam.  This was a big deal for two reasons: (1) He had just returned from Afghanistan, and (2) we got to meet his girlfriend, Chelsea.  We had such a blast, as always!

On our way to the Cheesecake Factory
Another bonus was that Kyle got to meet Jackson for the first time.  It was absolutely hilarious how awkward he was holding him!  We had some great laughs about that.

 It came a little more naturally to Chelsea :)
p.s. We really like her.
It was probably a good thing that Kyle was only passing through because we were actually in the middle of moving!  See the boxes in the background?
Here's our new place!  We just moved a few minutes down the street to a townhouse in a different apartment complex. We LOVE it here!  Now the fun part begins: making our house a home.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jackson's Blessing

This little cutie pie received his baby blessing this weekend.  My parents and brother were able to come down for the special occasion.
We thoroughly enjoyed being together and soaking up the gorgeous sunshine.  And snuggling a cute baby, of course.

The blessing was lovely.  Jackson sure is a special boy.  We're so grateful for the friends and family members who were able to participate.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I am Enough.

I have to repeat this to myself over and over.

Like when I finally get around to cleaning my bathrooms after 3 weeks. {Gross}.

Or when I miss the afternoon carpool by a few minutes and have to make the "walk of shame" to the school lobby to pick up my kindergartener, who is sitting alone on a bench.

Or when my 3-year-old says, "I miss you, Mommy.  You don't have to be busy."

< Insert long, drawn out sigh here >
Overall, I have adjusted really well to juggling 3 kids, housework, errands, meals, church responsibilities, etc.  

But I was not prepared for the Mommy Guilt.  That feeling you get when you're not living up to your own expectations.  When you drop one tiny ball despite the 10 others you manage to keep in the air.  When your priorities always seem to be out of order, no matter how many times you've rearranged them.

So allow me the chance to redeem myself for the transgressions listed above.

My bathrooms may have been gross for awhile, but that's because I spent my spare time making sure that Summer-- my sweet middle child-- received quality time from me.  The other day she put lip gloss on all by herself and she was pleased as punch about that.
And I may have showed up 2 minutes late to carpool, but that was immediately followed by a fun-filled afternoon with friends.

And today I spent an hour at the park, then another hour at the library with all 3 kids.

So tonight I'm going to give myself a break.

I am enough.