Saturday, June 29, 2013

County Fair

Weeks ago I researched various summertime activities in the area and began plugging them into our calendar.  When the girls saw the website for the local county fair, their eyes got huge and they've talked about nothing else since.  Today was the big day and they were not disappointed.
The girls remained in good spirits even though it began to drizzle within minutes of arriving.  The rain didn't last long at all, and it was actually the perfect day to go because the temperature was nice and cool and it wasn't super crowded.

 Josh was a trouper too.  He took the girls on all of the rides while I snapped pictures.

In addition to the rides, there was a Radio Disney Family Day going on that had a bunch of free games and prizes.  The girls enjoyed things like the bean bag toss, a bounce house, and an obstacle course.  They even got to pet horses and sit inside a real race car.

 I would say that the Fair was a big hit :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Fridge's Stories

I realize that upon first glance my fridge looks like nothing more than a jumbled mess of random papers.  But it actually tells a story about what we've been up to this summer!
The girls are active participants in our local library's summer reading program.  Summer still enjoys simple picture books but Kylie has branched out a little bit.  She'll usually come home with about 5 animal books and 2-3 Beginning Reader books.
I recently made these chore charts for the girls and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!  Each day, Kylie and Summer are responsible for 5 simple jobs, with 3 additional weekly jobs related to dusting and laundry.  If they get their jobs done for the day, they get a star.  When they earn 3 stars they get a small reward, such as a treat after dinner or 1 extra book at bedtime.  The girls really ENJOY being helpful and they think chores are fun.

The other day Summer wet her pants so-- as a consequence-- I told her that she needed to help me with the laundry.  She cheered...
We've gradually been checking things off of our Summer Bucket List.  This week for family night we made our own ice cream.  YUM!
 This item got checked off weeks ago:
The rest of our time consists of "fillers"-- things that aren't on the Bucket List but are super fun to do anyway.  This week we went to a Kid's Koncert in the Park.  The girls loved clapping and singing along to the music, then playing at the Splash Pad afterward.
I'm not sure if the girls got close enough...

Now, I won't bore you with the details of what's inside my fridge... but I will say that Josh's Father's Day gift helps to keep it full :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

To the Guys

I couldn't NOT post a small tribute to the men in my life who I've grown so fond of throughout the years.

To the man I still think of as "Daddy"...

 To the man who let me call him "Dad" long before I officially became a part of his family...

 To the man who gave me these two beautiful girls {and one baby boy on the way}...


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I feel like a little pick-me-up is needed after my latest Debbie Downer post.   
{I hope I didn't depress anyone.  Sometimes it's just nice to vent}.

Here are 5 things that I'm incredibly happy about at the moment:
  1. There is a TON of chocolate in my house right now.  Because I was in the throes of "morning sickness" during Valentine's Day, Easter, and my birthday, I've acquired a small surplus that I'm now thoroughly enjoying.
  2. I spent 2.5 hours at the pool today with my girls.  And the only reason we came home when we did was because it had been hours since my last meal and I needed a snack :)
  3. As far as the pregnancy is concerned, I'm in my "happy place."  My clothes fit perfectly, I'm feeling 100% comfortable, and everything is going really smoothly.  I've waited 24 long weeks to feel this good so I'm totally soaking it up.
  4. As a family we decided to watch less TV.  I thought the girls would fight me on it but they have actually become less irritable and more helpful around the house.  Bonus.
  5. We bought a van!  This is a huge deal for us because (a) we have been a one-car family since the day we got married, (b) we have plenty of room to fit our growing family, and (c) we paid cash for it and that feels soooo good.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Groundhog Day

Do you remember that old movie Groundhog Day?  Do you remember the part when Bill Murray runs into the same guy everyday and eventually just punches him in the face?

I feel like I've been experiencing Groundhog Day for the past 3 weeks.  And the thing I want to punch in the face is the sickness that has been plaguing my family.

When I wake up every morning, I can expect that 2 things will most definitely happen: (1) I will throw up within minutes of climbing out of bed, and (2) someone else will also be sick.

It's getting old.  

I didn't expect to be dealing with pregnancy sickness at this point, but I can live with it.  It's EVERYTHING else on top of it that's making life pretty miserable.  

Summer and I have been sneezing and hacking for weeks.  We've missed out on play groups, church meetings, and soccer games because we're always sick.
Poor Kylie.  A couple weeks back she developed a cold that prevented her from attending her end-of-the-year musical performance at school, AND her final 2 soccer games.
Just when I thought she must be in the clear, she woke up this morning with a fever and has hardly touched food all day.  She finally napped on the couch this afternoon, but soon woke up in tears because she thought she had spilled a bunch of these little beads on the floor.  
It was actually just a bad dream.  She has a tendency to upset easily when she's not feeling well. But the fact that she just could not get over that dream prompted me to take her temperature.  Good thing, too, because it was even higher than it was this morning.

As much as I would love to punch this plague in the face, I honestly don't think I could.  That requires energy that I just don't have.  Instead, I'm waving my white flag.  

I'm so tired of washing everybody's sheets and re-making beds.  (I seriously have a love/hate relationship with these bunk beds at the moment...)
I'm tired of hollering, "Cover your mouth!" or "Go get a tissue" or "Wash your hands" every other time I open my mouth.  

I'm tired of walking around with a Clorox wipe and sanitizing every door handle and light switch.  

I'm tired of waking up in the middle of the night to coughing fits or worse...puke.

I'm tired of spending everyday indoors when it's absolutely beautiful outside.

I think I'm going to go make these Groundhog Day cupcakes with the girls.  I don't have to tell them why...