Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer vacation!

This girly girl is all done with preschool! 
I know... I can't believe it either.  Kylie had such a great year, but is anxiously awaiting the day when she'll get to hop on the school bus and head to kindergarten.  I, however, am dreading that day so I'm choosing to cherish every moment I have with her this summer.

Unfortunately, I was sick during all of Kylie's end-of-the-year preschool festivities.  First I got a terrible cold...then pink eye... then bronchitis... then a cold again....then the stomach flu.  And all of that happened during the few days that Aunt Rachael was in town, of course! 
Luckily, everyone else was able to soak her up while she was here.  The girls took to her immediately.
Aunt Rachael brought these sandals for the girls as a gift from Aunt Amber, who lives in South Africa.  So cute!!!
I'm so bummed that I had to miss out on Kylie's last few days of school, but I'm beyond excited that summer vacation is officially here!!!  Here's to lazy afternoons at the pool, s'mores, flip-flops, grilling, stargazing, etc.  WHOO HOO!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Indianapolis Zoo

After living here for a year and a half, we finally decided to check out the Indy Zoo.  The girls had such a great time seeing all of the different animals.  I was impressed by the wide variety of exhibits, ranging from butterfly gardens to dolphin shows.  The girls even got to pet the sharks!

After naps, dinner, and baths, we all snuggled up on the couch and watched this adorable movie :)  What a great day!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here we are

Seven years ago today, I had the privilege of marrying this handsome guy.
I could hardly believe my luck.  I mean, didn't he realize I was young, naive, and whimsical?

He did... but he married me anyway, and I'm thankful for that every single day :)

It's been quite a wild ride!  Together we've experienced graduations, moves, job losses/transfers, vacations, sickness, and all the ups and downs that just come with life.  But I think our most memorable experiences thus far involve these little ones:
Right around our first anniversary we found out that we were expecting our first baby.  Our lives would be forever changed after that {in a good way}.  It was then that we discovered that "love at first sight" is indeed real.
Then Summer came along.  Her fun-loving personality has brought countless smiles to our faces.
And now... here we are.  Seven years and 2 cute little girls later, we're experiencing yet another first together: a boy :)
Looking forward to many more tomorrows with this amazing man!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Years ago, just a few months shy of my 21st birthday, I gave birth to my first little girl.  I was so excited to become a mother, though I felt very unprepared.  Friends my age were nowhere near having children of their own, and I struggled to keep up with my older peers who always seemed to have everything "together."  I'm sure I had a deer-in-the-headlights look permanently etched on my face as I tried to figure out what on earth I was doing with this little person who showed up without a manual.
A few years later, we welcomed our second little girl into our family.  From the moment of conception, that girl gave me a run for my money.  My pregnancy was very difficult, consumed by months of sickness followed by gestational diabetes.  When I gave birth to her, I thought the hard part must be over.  But then I quickly discovered that she was very interested in her surroundings-- so much, in fact, that she refused to sleep long stretches, day or night.  And nothing could have prepared me for the transition from 1 child to 2...
But perhaps the biggest surprise of all was how quickly I fell in love with each child.  Even during pregnancy-- no matter how difficult-- I felt connected to themThe "mama bear" instinct kicked in instantly and I had a strong desire to protect them in every way I could.  But mostly I wanted them to know that THEY WERE LOVED.

In turn, the girls teach me lessons everyday about patience, unconditional love, and forgiveness.  Sometimes they show me what those lessons look like in action, and in those moments I couldn't feel more humbled and honored to be their mom.  I love them with my whole heart.  And even after the most difficult days, all I have to do is look into their eyes and I instantly know I'm where I should be.
Mother's Day wouldn't be complete if I didn't take the time to thank my own mother.  I love you, Mom, and I'm so grateful for all you've done to make sure my life was built on a solid foundation.  

Happy Mother's Day to women everywhere!

Monday, May 6, 2013


April has come and gone and it's finally starting to look and feel like spring!
Apparently the animals are loving the warmer weather too. Our favorite critter, "Jumpy Squirrel," comes around often to sample our bird food.  He is not shy, I tell you.

The flowers are not the only things blossoming around here.  The girls are growing like weeds and soaking up life like the little sponges they are.

Kylie continues to surprise me each week at her soccer games.  She's talented, yes. {She scored 4 goals at her game last Saturday}.  But she's toughening up, learning a lot, and just having a great time.  Her very first game of the season was at 8:30am and it was FREEZING... but she played her little heart out and never complained.
And I'm trying not to think about the fact that I'll have a Kindergartener in just a matter of months.  Her preschool teacher sent home a May calendar and it said things like Last day of school and I'll miss you.  Seriously?!  Already?!
Summer is becoming more independent with each passing day.  I downloaded a series of games on the iPad that focus on sorting things into groups -- she knocked those out in about 20 minutes.  I'm amazed how young kids "get" technology; it's not at all intimidating to them.
And she has quite the imagination, which is really fun to witness.  She doesn't need toys to be entertained.  Random objects, empty boxes, or even food will do!
I took the girls outside to ride bikes the other day and realized that a few changes need to be made.  Summer has definitely outgrown the tricycle.  And Kylie may be riding without training wheels by the end of the summer.  Who knows?
And Baby #3 is right on track :)  I'm halfway through the pregnancy and looking forward to finding out the baby's gender next week.