Friday, June 29, 2012

The Road to Recovery

For the past week and a half we have been battling all sorts of yucky stuff: flu, colds, and pink eye to name a few.
 Luckily, everybody is on the upswing {thank goodness}. But, since every illness we contracted was contagious, we quarantined ourselves for days.  I used that time to organize, organize, organize.  Summer helped {sort of}.
While I organized cupboards and closets, Kylie put her creativity skills to use.  She colored stacks of pictures.  This one is of me and her {I'm on the left}.  Earlier today she excitedly told me that her eyelashes are growing big and strong, just like mine.  I guess she's super excited about that.
Kylie has also become more imaginative lately.  Tonight at dinner she held a curly fry above her upper lip and exclaimed, "Look!  I'm Mustache Rick!"


Anyway... Kylie's not the only one who got a little creative this week.  We tried glo-sticks in the bathtub the other day and the girls loved it!  It was a nice way to switch up our typical routine.

Have a happy {healthy} weekend!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Try New Things

 "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
-Neale Donald Walsch

Back in January, I seriously considered how I wanted 2012 to be different from 2011.  One goal I came up with was to try new things.  

I have a tendency to be kind of a homebody.  Not because I'm antisocial, but because it's where I'm comfortable.  It's where I can relax.  It's where my family hangs out.  

But I knew that if I limited myself to staying home all the time, I would never gain the desire to branch out and discover my talents or passions.

So... I have forced myself to get slightly uncomfortable so that I could fulfill my goal to try new things.  And it has been SO worth it.
Some new experiences we don't even have to leave home for.  I've always wanted to master the art of eating with chopsticks.  Kylie jumped right on board with that one too!
In August, my ward is putting on a Fabulous Friday-- an evening where the women can get together and make fun crafts and attend a couple "how-to" classes.  I was asked to choose and instruct a couple of crafts.  

I can't even tell you how uncomfortable that made me.  I LOVE doing crafts... but I usually don't tell anyone when I'm attempting a craft just in case it turns out to be an epic failure.

But I agreed, knowing that I would probably end up enjoying it.  And I did :)  I'll be instructing the ladies on how to make their own memo boards (with fabric rosettes) and lighted glass blocks.

Recently, I've been experimenting with hairstyles.  Unfortunately, whenever I attempt them on myself they turn out horrible.  But I have a super willing subject who will let me try them out on her.  Here is the oh-so-beautiful waterfall braid.
These pictures were taken right after her bath.

These have been great experiences, and while none of them have been earth shattering in any way, I'm still glad I've expanded my horizons a bit.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inexpensive Outings

Earlier this week the girls asked to go to the pool.  We got dressed, grabbed our towels, packed some snacks, and made the trek to the pool... only to find out that it was closed for cleaning.

So, in an attempt to make the most of a gorgeous day {and avoid tantrums}, we went to our favorite nature park to play in the creek.  
This is the first time we've gone there in our swimsuits, which actually helped eliminate stress because we didn't have to worry about wet clothes.  Packing along a few toys made the trip super worthwhile too!

I'm all about keeping things simple.  The creek was nice because we had the place to ourselves, it took 2 minutes to drive there, and it was completely free.  I LOVE outings like that!

So this morning we had the idea to pick up some donuts and chocolate milk and have a little picnic breakfast at the park.
An advantage to a morning outing is beating the heat.  We left the park just as it started to get hot, but by then the girls were done playing.  This little family outing only cost a couple dollars but it was so fun!
Some of our other favorite inexpensive outings include: the pool, parks, the library, the children's museum, picnics, browsing the dollar aisles at Target, and going out for ice cream :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I've heard it said that everyone has a look-alike in the world somewhere.  It's amazing to me that a person can look practically identical to someone else and be of no relation whatsoever.  It's even more amazing when those people bump into each other.  I mean, what are the odds?

Well, I have yet to meet my twin, but in just the last couple of weeks I have been told numerous times that I look like so-and-so.  For instance, today we went to Olive Garden for lunch and a server said to me, "You look like somebody famous, but I can't figure out who..." Then another server passing by suggested Natalie Portman.

Hm..... that one might be a stretch.....
BUT... what really got me thinking about this look-alike business occurred a few weeks ago.  I introduced myself to a new guy at church and the first words out of his mouth were, "Has anybody ever told you that you look like Thandie Newton?"  To which I replied, "Who???"

Turns out she's an actress who has been in movies like Crash, Mission: Impossible 2, and Pursuit of Happyness.
 I wonder if that's who the server was trying to think of.  Now that I know who Thandie Newton is, I can kind of see it...
 Oh, and the guy at church I told you about?  He looks like Martin Lawrence.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do..."
- John Mayer

I'm SO grateful for the men in my life... that I have great men in my life.  My dad has always made me feel so special and loved.  He's one of my biggest fans and I've accomplished a lot in my life because of his support and encouragement.  I don't know that he'll ever understand how much I appreciate the "little" things he did for me: attending my sporting events, demonstrating endless patience as he taught me drive {his car}, taking me to daddy/daughter dances, and sometimes just taking my side when I felt all alone.
Our relationship goes even deeper now that I'm a mother and I get to watch him interact with my kids.  He chooses to be so involved in their lives and that means the world to me.

And then there's Josh, who I thank my lucky stars for every day.  I'm so grateful to have him right by my side as we raise our girls.  Not every mother is so fortunate.  I'm thankful that he makes our family a priority... always.  He makes a sincere effort to be there for the big things:
...and the little things:

 Guys, this one's for you.  WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Deja Vu

For the most part, I'm content with apartment living.  Our family is small enough that we don't feel squished; we haven't accumulated too much stuff {yet}; and when things are in need of repair, it's not our responsibility.

However, THIS is getting old. 
That's the entire length of the ceiling in the master bedroom.  
Remember this experience?  It seems like in every apartment we've ever lived in, something similar has happened to us.  Just dumb luck, I guess.
Needless to say, I will not be sleeping in my own bed tonight.
And tomorrow will consist of maintenance workers coming and going all day.
Oh, and we're all still sick. was a good excuse to get outside and socialize with our fantastic neighbors.
And greet Josh when he got home from work.
Unfortunately, that's when I dropped the bomb on him about our bedroom, but he seemed to take it in stride.
He actually handled it way better than I did but I think part of that is because he's perfectly healthy.  I, however, feel like poo.  And the only thing worse than having sick kids is caring for sick kids when you're sick too.  I felt like I wasted the entire day bumming around on the couch and I can't stand feeling unproductive like that.  It really was not my best day.
Is this post real enough for you, or what?

So, if you're in need of a little pick-me-up (like me), here are some videos of the girls that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

This first video is of Summer singing the "Two little monkeys" song that she learned in nursery at church.  The lyrics are:
Two little monkeys swinging in the trees
Teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't catch me, no, you can't catch me!"
Along came Mr. Alligator, quiet as can be
And snatched that monkey right out of that tree! 
We've been watching quite a bit of "Dora, the Explorer" lately.  In it, there's a fox named Swiper that tries to take Dora's stuff, but sometimes he's just not quick enough.  When he misses, he goes, "Aw, man!" {like so...}

Sometimes you just gotta dance!  This was taken a couple weeks ago, before the water incident :)
Summer singing her alphabet.  I love that she says, "Now I know my EFG's"

And this may not be funny to anyone but me, but this is Summer attempting to jump.  Kids don't really learn how to jump until the age of 2 or so, which is a fascinating idea to me-- a time in life when you physically can't jump.  She tries hard though :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Week

I hope my posts aren't getting too boring :)  We didn't do anything terribly exciting this past week but I thought the pictures were worth posting anyway.  

Since the weather was nice I took the girls to the pool a couple times.  I'm glad these two get along so well {most of the time}.

Summer is usually the first one in the water but she's also the first one out.  When that happens, I hang out in the pool with Kylie while Summer watches our chairs.
 And she looks at my phone every so often to let me know we have "5 more minutes!"
 Aren't those legs great???

 Sometimes it's just too hot to be outside so we find other things to do.
 Kylie is such a sweet big sister.
She's very nurturing by nature.  If you look closely you can see her "pet" rollie-pollie.  I'm not sure where he is now.  I can't imagine why it would want to leave...

 It's a good thing we had a fun-filled week because the weekend hasn't been so great.  The girls and I have been sick, leaving all of us confined to the indoors.
Here's Summer with her bowl of torn-up toast.

Kylie started the day happy as can be:
But by noon she was like this:

Hopefully we all get feeling better soon!  I hate seeing the kids so miserable.