Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sour Patch Kid

I've decided that Summer is very much like a Sour Patch Kid: "First she's sour... then she's sweet."  She really is a stinker!  All day long I say things like "Please don't touch the DVDs" or "Don't climb on the chair" or "Put my hairspray back where you found it" or "Don't run out into the parking lot."  

It rained earlier this week but I wasn't going to let a few cloudy days keep us cooped up inside.  No, sir.  So I took the girls outside and within seconds Summer had a soaked, muddy shoe.  But of course it didn't stop there.
Soaking your shoe in mud isn't nearly as fun as splashing in it!
 {I sigh a lot}
 But then she flashes me that mischievous grin and all is {almost} forgotten.
 She just has a passion for messes.
 ... sweet.
I'm still trying to figure out which category this one falls under.  She climbed onto the couch, pulled the keyboard off the desk, and pretended to type while sitting cozily on the couch.  I think I'll let it slide this time and go with "sweet." 
{By the way, I've decided my new nickname should be "Ref" as in referee.  I spend much of my time making judgment calls, enforcing rules, and trying to keep the flagrant fouls to a minimum.}

But despite her knack for creating messes wherever she goes and getting herself into risky situations in record-breaking time, she is SO amazing.

She's funny.
 And smart.
 And becoming more and more independent with each passing day.
 OK, she's sweet.  And everyone who meets her adores her.

 I think we'll keep her :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Interview with Kylie

I'm often tickled by the funny things that my four-year-old says and does.  She is very curious about how the world works and wants to figure everything out for herself.
She asks a gazillion questions everyday and always seems to be thinking about something.
Every so often I like to give an update on the girls' favorite things/habits/obsessions, etc.  But this time I'll put it in Kylie's own words.

Question: What is your favorite color?
Answer: Black.

Question: What is your favorite book?
Answer: Jack and the Beanstalk, in the big book
We have a compilation of fairy tales

Question: What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Answer: I like to be busy with my work with my outside toys
Outside toys = sand toys

Question: What is your favorite thing to do inside?
Answer: Going potty.

Question: What is your favorite food?
Answer: A super a lot!!!  I like... a sandwich with peanut butter... pasta... toast... eggs... and for a treat-- *can I see your ear?-- I like chocolate chips and white chips.
*She wanted to whisper the last part in my ear for some reason

Question: What is your favorite show?
Answer: Arthur, Pocoyo-- the purple and the red shows

Question: What are you excited to do at preschool?
Answer: Play with kids.  Girls and not boys.  But Benjamin is a boy and I like him.
Benjamin is a little boy in her primary class at church

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Answer: 5 so I can climb the big wall at the museum with the big boys.
I could pick her brain all day!  Now I know why that show Kids Say the Darndest Things was such a hit.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little Hyper...

We missed Summer's "sleep window" this evening.  We put the girls to bed at their usual time, but the party was just beginning for a certain someone.  After 15 minutes of "Mommy? Daddy?  Open doe!" we decided to just let her hang out with us for a while.  We had no idea what we were in for.

If you need a good laugh, just watch these videos.  You will not be sorry.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day at the Park

We went to TWO different parks today.  I know... ambitious.  Actually, I just wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful weather because this weekend is supposed to be pretty crummy.
Sorry for the grainy and incredibly saturated pictures-- I took them with my phone.

While we were running errands we came across a cute little park, so we decided to stop and check it out.  It was the perfect place for my little climber.

 In any given setting, Summer tries to get to the highest point possible.  At home, it's on top of a table or chair.  At the park, it's the tallest slide.  She's such a daredevil!
 "Mom, that was SO worth the climb!"
 There are times when I'm happy to be the only people on the playground.  It gives the kids a chance to test out everything available.  It was definitely a fun morning.
 Whose kid is that anyway???
 Kylie wanted to swing "up, up high."
 After Summer's nap we ventured to one of the kids' favorite parks.  We usually encounter the same scenario every time we go: As soon as the car is parked, Kylie bolts.  I head to the playground with Summer and follow her all over the place to ensure that she doesn't climb too high, run too fast on rocks, etc.  

Meanwhile, Kylie finds a playmate and becomes best friends with that person's mom.  Somehow she always finds the nicest one :)
 Summer had mercy on me today and stuck to pretty low-key activities such as dropping wood chips.  I can handle that.
Lots of indoor activities to come this weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Competing Against Myself

My workouts have not been going well at all this week.  It's very frustrating because I was doing really well: running faster and going long distances.  But for some reason I'm feeling mentally weak, telling myself as I'm running I just can't do it, when in fact, I CAN do it.

Despite the rough week, I decided to get up at 5:30am for my usual long Saturday morning run.  Unfortunately, there was no change.  After 6 miles of starting, stopping, and compulsively checking my distance, I decided to cover up the treadmill screen and jun do it.

I hopped off, grabbed my sweatshirt (to cover up the screen), and headed back to the treadmill.  On my way back, I tripped on the corner of another exercise machine and landed right on top of my moving treadmill.  It launched me backward where I became pinned between the wall and the moving treadmill belt.

Now I'm sporting some pretty gruesome burns on both arms.  The only thing worse than the initial fall was the shower I had to take afterward.  Now THAT took some mental toughness!

So, needless to say, I didn't complete my workout.
The bright side: I'm not out of the race.  The burns hurt but I'm not injured to the point that I can't run.  I will continue training--band-aids and all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

That Kind of Day

I've been in a funk lately and today there wasn't much improvement.  Looks like I'm not the only one...
I just feel like I'm way behind on about 357 things with not enough time to tackle it all.  And the things I am trying to tackle aren't going well.  I know things will work out eventually.

But today consisted of one stressful event after another.  Nothing major (thankfully) but it seemed like the kids were fussy and bickering with each other for most of the day, which gets old in a hurry.  By about 3:30 I was desperate for some quiet time so I put the girls in the bath, which seemed to do the trick.  

Until Summer climbed out and pooped right in front of the pantry.  The pantry of all places!  At least it wasn't in the pantry, I guess.

So by dinnertime, I was feeling like this:
Summer thought my exhaustion was hilarious.  I seriously sat this way during most of dinner and whenever I would glance Summer's direction, she would crack up laughing.  In all honesty, her laugh quickly brought a smile to my face, almost making me forget why I was feeling so tired in the first place.
Now that I've had a good laugh and the girls are quietly eating popcorn and watching a movie, I can focus on the bigger picture.  Tomorrow is another day and there's a good chance it will go more smoothly than today (let's hope).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Angry Birds: Kite Edition

It was a super windy day today!
But that presented the perfect opportunity to test out the girls' new Angry Birds kite they got for Easter.
  We definitely weren't the only ones with that idea today.  In fact, the people flying a kite right next to us were sporting a red Angry Bird.
 Kylie was really excited in the beginning, but her interest faded pretty quickly.  She totally ditched us to climb trees, but she would come rushing back anytime the kite hit the ground so she could get it back in the air.
Even Summer gave it a try.

Since we flew the kite at one of the girls' favorite parks, we knew they would want to head for the slides at some point.  Someone was particularly excited for that activity...
 She totally ran right into me the moment I snapped the picture.  How's that for being right in the action???
 I'm loving the warm weather and longer days.  It's definitely a bonus that Josh has a fairly predictable work schedule that allows us many opportunities to spend evenings together as a family.

Our Easter Plans

This year I kind of dropped the ball with our Easter plans.  We were almost on top of things.  In the future I just want to put a little more thought into the things I really want to incorporate into our Easter traditions, and now that the holiday has passed, I have some great ideas :)  There's always next year, right?

Anyway, despite my poor planning, the girls were still very happy with the toys/candy the Easter Bunny left them. 
Yesterday was kind of busy so we saved coloring Easter eggs for today.  Kylie didn't even mind that it's not technically Easter anymore.  She's a pro.
We used kool-aid to dye the eggs, which actually worked pretty well.  So well, in fact, that it dyed our fingers too.
 Not bad, huh?  
You like the brown egg on the left?  That was supposed to be purple... Whoops!
 This egg was cracked so instead of dying it, Kylie drew a face on it. 
 My parents sent the girls a few Easter items as well, which of course they loved.  (And the candy).
Kylie is having such a blast with these little shooter things.  You push a button that launches a small ball in the air and you're supposed to try to catch it in the basket on top.  Kylie prefers to shoot people with it.

Funny story about these: Kylie named the carrot AND the bunny "Kyleen."  A family at our church has a little girl named Kyleen, and for some reason Kylie really liked the name :)  So when we play with these toys together, she gets Kyleen and I get Kyleen, too.
And this is why I didn't post very many pictures from this weekend.  This poor child has been miserable with a cold, which she was kind enough to pass on to me and Josh.
 But despite her illness, she enjoyed the Easter festivities too.  She really likes this mini piggy bank that my parents sent her.  And heaven knows she found plenty of candy lying around.
When I took this picture, she totally had some skittles in her mouth and her hand... Who knows?  There was probably some stashed in that piggy bank too.
 All in all it was a good weekend.  But I really hope that next year will be different in some ways.  I want to make sure that the kids have fun with our typical Easter traditions, but I also want them to understand the whole point of the day.  Next year...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

 More to come!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Don't Blink

I've been having so much fun photographing Kylie lately!  Probably because she's getting more and more cooperative  :)

She looks older to me.  I know that kids grow up fast, but even in the past couple of weeks she has taken on a more "big girl" look.  As fun as it is to see, sometimes I wish she'd just stop!  
Yes, I will totally be that mom that cries when I drop my little girl off at preschool for the first time.
 I mean, look at her!
 She posed like this all by herself.  Such a sweetheart.
And then there's this little stinker.  Take a look at the pictures below and you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about.  
I had to put an outlet cover on the outside of our building because somehow she found it.  

This morning she hopped in the bathtub fully clothed... after I told her not to even think about it.

She will sometimes walk with her hands clasped behind her back either when she's about to do something naughty or she already has.  (In this case, she was heading for the parking lot).

She also knows how to push people's buttons.

And these pictures are just from today... But she has a charming little personality and you can't help but want to squeeze her to pieces.

I just know that this stage of life won't last long so I'm trying to drink in each and every moment.