Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic Relief

One thing I love about Summer is her ability to make everyone laugh.  Here are some examples from the past couple of days:

#1: I was trying to get Summer changed and dressed for the day but she just kept running away.  (Trust me, this is not always funny, but for some reason it was that day).  She would head toward me, making me think that she was finally going to cooperate, when she would twist her body to dodge me and head the opposite direction again.  Then she would give me this little smile.  Stinker.
#2: The other evening, Josh and I had just had it.  We both had stressful days and we were exhausted by dinnertime.  Of course, that was the evening that Kylie chose to fight us on eating her dinner.  But we soon were cracking up because Summer was just in a silly mood.  Here's a sample conversation:

Kylie: I don't want to eat my dinner!  It's yucky!
Josh: Kylie, this is what we're having for dinner.  You need to eat.
Kylie: No!
Summer: Daddy?  Daaaaadddy??  Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddy?  Daddy?
Josh (exasperated): What, Summer?
Summer (tongue sticking out): lalalalalalalalala

#3: Because of our struggle at dinnertime with Kylie the other night, we promised her last night that she could have a cookie if she ate all of her dinner without complaining.  She did, so she got her cookie.  But we couldn't give Kylie one without giving Summer one too, and after about 5 seconds it had disappeared.  This picture says it all: "What cookie?"

Stir Crazy

This is the time of year that we all get a little stir crazy.  Luckily, we have had an unusually warm (and sunny) winter this year and have had plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  But, of course, that's not the norm so we have to get a little creative the rest of the time so we're not going crazy being indoors 24/7.  We do all sorts of fun things at home, but here are some things we do when we venture out.

Pet Store.  A couple weeks ago I took the kids to the pet store and they loved it.  We were there for over an hour just looking at the different animals.  Summer couldn't get enough of the cats.  She kept trying to stick her fingers in and pet them.

 Kylie was more partial to the gerbils and hamsters.  She got a kick out of them running on their exercise wheels.
Shopping.  We go to the grocery store every week but when we do, I'm usually all business.  Sometimes it's nice to go and just hang out.  I'll browse, we'll hang out in the toy aisles, and we always end up at the horse.  We definitely hit up plenty of other stores too, but it's nice to know the kids don't tire of the grocery store.
The Children's Museum.  Shortly after arriving in IN, we purchased a family membership for the children's museum in downtown Indy.  It is the largest children's museum in the world and I'm always amazed at how much there is to do.  The girls love the second floor, which has the playscape.  The kids play at water tables, sand tables, slides, and jungle gyms.  That family pass was such a great investment.

I'm just glad we have these resources because they add a little sunshine to my winter!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!  Kylie is now old enough to get excited about holidays such as V-day.  She was SO excited to find a package in the mail with her name on it.  As you can see from the picture below, she could hardly contain her excitement long enough for a picture!
 A homemade card for Kylie from Grandma
 And another homemade card for Summer
 They both got these adorable packages of m&m's too.
 Kylie received a little foam bear that came with sticker decorations.  She loved putting all of the stickers in their appropriate spots! 
 Summer received these cute little bead necklaces, which she wore for hours.  She would have eaten the entire pack of m&m's too if I hadn't stopped her...
Sorry about the blurry pictures.  Someday I'll own a nice camera.
In case pictures don't quite do it for you...
I know this day is intended for people who want to celebrate their love with a significant other, but I can't stop thinking about my family.  I just LOVE them to pieces and feel so blessed to have them!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In Case You're Bored...

We haven't been up to anything special lately, so hopefully this post isn't too boring :)
Kylie has been all about the play-doh lately.  Grandma and Grandpa Steorts got her this awesome cake making set for her birthday, which she absolutely LOVES (in case you could tell from the pictures...)
 I happen to love this snapshot that Kylie took.  It captures so well how things typically go at our house: I turn my attention away from Summer for 2 seconds and some kind of problem arises.  Stinker.  She put a big blob of blue play-doh in her mouth and I had to literally pry her mouth open to get it out.  Typical.
Kylie has been my little helper lately.  She is always willing to help me dust, sweep, put dishes in the dishwasher, sort/switch laundry, feed Summer, etc.  It's very convenient for me but I must confess that I had nothing to do with her interest in helping out-- she just enjoys some independence.

She has also taken an interest in dressing herself and brushing hair-- both hers and Summer's.  She does a fantastic job, but I'm secretly happy that she still lets me pick out her clothes and style her hair.
I've been having a great time dressing Summer up.  She's at that age where she's just this cute little person that follows you around everywhere.  She has become very interested in drawing/writing, but if her interest piques during a time when I'm feeling a little worn out, the magna-doodle does the trick.
Summer... wears me out!  In a good way.  But she is my own little Energizer Bunny and seriously follows me everywhere.  If she isn't following me around, then I can be absolutely sure that she is up to something: playing with my phone, emptying the fridge, climbing on a chair, etc.  She definitely keeps me on my toes!
Yes, that is a Q-Tip in her ear.  They have been super gross lately so we're constantly cleaning them.  She found the box of Q-Tips, selected one, and cleaned her own ear while raiding the refrigerator.
But she really is a sweetheart.  She insists on giving everybody kisses before bed, sits quietly during prayers, and enjoys talking to family members on the phone.

I think what I love most about her right now is how observant she is!  As a second child I expected her to really take her time developing because she has an older sister who can do things for her.  Instead, she watches everything Kylie does and picks up on things.  She says over 50 words (the average for someone her age is 6), brushes her own teeth, and even recognizes Josh's work building.  She understands how the potty works and has even taken a little interest in it!  (No, she hasn't used it, but I'm just happy that she gets it).
 I just love when the girls go through new phases.  It keeps things fun and exciting.
Random note: I'm seriously considering getting family portraits done.  We're making progress!