Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I have to set the stage for this one.  After picking up Josh from work this evening we decided to swing by the optometrist office to pick up his contacts.  Upon arriving, I was proud of myself for two reasons: 1) I knew where the office was, which is a small feat in a new town, and 2) we made it there safely despite the freshly fallen snow. 

As we pulled into the parking lot, the following conversation ensued:
K: I'll just park over here so you can run in real quick.
J: Actually, I usually go in over there.
K: (not seeing a place to pull the car around) Where??
J: Right there. Whoa, watch out!

 During this conversation I was looking in the direction Josh was pointing, confused as to where I was supposed to pull the car around so he could go in the front door of the building.  He was pointing at the door itself, thinking I would just park on the side of the building.  Obviously, this conversation happened really quickly, which is why I completely overlooked the curb and ran right over it.  Actually, we jumped the curb and pretty much sat on top of it... and I had to back up in order to get off.  Lame.

Now here is where the story gets interesting.  Hopping the curb immediately gave us a flat tire.  Since we had 2 hungry girls with us and the tire store was just around the corner, we decided to just drive there.  Super slow.

I'll spare you all of the details, but basically everything turned out OK.  (In fact, this is all very funny to me now).  A quaint little Mexican restaurant was right next door to the tire store, so we just went there for dinner.  It was amazing food and now I can cross "try a new restaurant" off my 2012 bucket list.  The girls were well-behaved and didn't even realize that we were flying by the seat of our pants.

After finishing all of her food, Summer colored...

...and Kylie played "Angry Birds" for the first time on Josh's new work phone.  
*Side note: As we were getting the girls ready for bed tonight, Kylie asked to play Angry Birds.  We told her that it was time for bed but maybe she could play more tomorrow.  After a short pause, she said to Josh, "Maybe you could take your other phone to work and I can play Angry Birds."  Clever.
Anyway, I'm counting my blessings tonight.  1) Josh wasn't ticked at me for making such a dumb mistake.  2) The girls did incredibly well, even with our change of plans.  3) We got to enjoy a new restaurant as a family.  4) We only had to pay for a new tire-- no dented rim or anything like that.  

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

Monday, January 23, 2012


Kylie celebrated her FOURTH birthday over the weekend.  About a month ago Kylie spotted a Rapunzel cake at the grocery store and has been talking about it ever since.  That inspired me to throw her a "Tangled" themed birthday party.  I got most of my ideas from here if you're interested in the details, but I modified them a little to keep things simple.  Kylie invited some of her closest friends over to join in the fun and she was very excited!

There were a lot of purple and yellow decorations in our house since those are the main colors in the movie.

I made Pascal party blowers (super easy) and decorated plain yellow party hats with stickers.  When the kids arrived, they got to choose their own hat and party blower. 
 The party blowers were definitely a big hit!
 Parents were invited to stay since the party was only an hour and a half.  While we waited for all of the kids to arrive, the parents got to enjoy some munchies.  I'm glad I didn't put a whole lot of effort into the spread because I had WAY too much food!  Some of it was inspired by the movie: blue kool-aid to represent Rapunzel's boat ride to the kingdom, apples (Max), and a frying pan (Eugene).
 Once everyone arrived we started off by playing "pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider." 
 The kids were way too good at that game.  Note to self: use a much larger poster and put it up higher... 
Kylie also had her heart set on having a pinata...which had nothing at all to do with the movie.  BUT, I did make a super long braid to hang the pinata from, so that has to count for something!  After about 10 seconds we decided to ditch the blindfold and just let the kids swing.
 Here's a better shot of the braid.
We had a few setbacks with the pinata. 1) It's pretty tough for 4-year-olds to break open.  I totally knew that going into it, but Kylie really wanted a horse pinata. So we just let them take their time. 2) Kylie was excited for her to hit the pinata and nobody else.  There were a few tears shed each time she had to hand over the bat to let someone else have a turn.
 It didn't take long before the kids started their own cheering section.  They all gathered together, held hands, and screamed for the person hitting the pinata.  Sorry for the totally blurry picture, but trust me, it was cute!
 After each child had a turn, we took the pinata down and just let them hit, kick, and stomp on the thing to break it open.  That was so much more fun!
 There we go!!!  There was plenty of candy to go around!
 Immediately following the pinata, Kylie opened her gifts (really fast).
 And here is the cake.  What four-year-old girl wouldn't want that cake???  Someday I might actually make a birthday cake for my kids.
 The moment she had been waiting for...

 Kylie wasn't the only one who loved the cake!  It was definitely a big hit.  Every single one of the kids wanted a piece of cake that had "Rapunzel hair" on it (the swirly yellow frosting).  Eventually all that was left was the center of the cake with the birthday message on it.
 The party was tons of fun but MAN OH MAN was it a lot of work!  Luckily the kids played well together and enjoyed the theme of the party, but our apartment felt just a little too small with that many bodies (SIX four-year-olds, plus parents).

The following day, Sunday, was Kylie's actual birthday.  I woke her up that morning by saying "Happy birthday, Kylie!" and she responded, "Again?"  It was still special because she got to open gifts from her grandparents and even skype with them for the first time :)  She wore her new dress to church that her great-grandma Jefferson got for her.  In primary the kids sang a birthday song to her and she got to pick out a bracelet.
All in all, it was busy, crazy, chaotic... and fun.  I really enjoyed watching Kylie's excitement during all of the festivities over the weekend.  She's such a sweet little girl and we're so blessed to have her in our family.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Daily Transformation

I am not a morning person, but one thing I do enjoy about mornings is getting the girls ready for the day.  Oh, how I look forward to getting my hands on them!  I LOVE brushing their tangled hair only to find loads of curls beneath the mess.  I love changing them from their wrinkled jammies into clean clothes. 

It's a real success when I'm able to pull those transformations off in 15 minutes or less... We may have overslept this morning, resulting in a mad dash to church.

Anyway... I love having little girls!