Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year for Christmas we spent a week in Michigan.  As always, it was wonderful to see friends and family again.
 Kylie and Summer loved being around my brothers, despite the rough-housing :)
The girls enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit: baking cookies, wrapping gifts, UNwrapping gifts, playing with new toys, etc.

 My extended family came over on Christmas Eve.  We had such a blast!

Christmas morning was lovely too.  Kylie was over the moon about the dart gun Uncle Kyle got for her. 
 What are uncles for?  Target practice!
 I surprised Josh with tickets to a Butler basketball game :)
Josh got a sweet deal on a refurbished laptop.  We personalized it and gave it to Kramer since he'll be starting school in January {not at Michigan State... he's just a huge fan}.
 Josh got me a camera lens, which I'm super excited about!
We came back home on Christmas day because Josh had to work the day after.  It worked out well because the girls were eager to get back home to see if Santa came while we were gone...
 Santa knows this girl well!

 For months Kylie has been begging for a skateboard.  Good thing Santa brought one!
 And Summer got some roller skates so she can keep up with her big sis.
It's really a good thing that we traveled home on Christmas Day because a blizzard came through overnight.  The girls were thrilled to wake up to inches and inches of fresh powder.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Summer Singing

Presenting: The Barney Theme Song

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feeling Christmas-y

Kylie begged and begged to make Christmas cookies today.  Since we were planning on spending a cozy day indoors anyway {60 degrees and rain in December???}, I didn't mind one bit.  Summer was excited about that too.

 I quickly remembered just how messy it can get when making sugar cookies....
Kylie is loving all things Christmas.  She pretty much baked the sugar cookies by herself.  She sings along to Christmas songs in the car.  And she re-decorates the Christmas tree almost everyday.  A jump rope and shoelaces... why didn't I think of that?!

And on a completely random note, Summer named this alarm clock "Tickety," just like the clock in Blue's Clues.  Thanks to her, Tickety has seen every room in our house {including the laundry room} because she carries it everywhere.  Welcome to the family, Tickety.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

December is here and that means we are officially counting down the days until Christmas.  

A friend of mine gave me this darling countdown.  Each mouse has two sides: an awake side and a sleeping side.  At the end of each day, you flip the mouse over to the sleeping side so by the time you get to the 24th, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."  To make it even more fun, you're supposed to do something Christmas-y each day.  Totally cute!

My sweet Mother-in-law made this gem for the girls!  It starts out with just the scenery and each day you're supposed to add something on.  The girls got a little excited and put everything on all at once, but the point is that they LOVE it!

It's amazing to think that this Christmas will be the 7th one Josh and I will celebrate together.  Time flies when you're having fun :) 
Last night while Josh and I were gone on a date, the girls made these fun holidays crafts.  There will be stacks and stacks of crafts by the end of the month, I'm sure.  I love December!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Right Now

Right now, Kylie draws stacks and stacks of pictures each day, usually to give away to her friends.

Right now, Summer is obsessed with shoes.  Sometimes when we're at home, she'll only wear shoes.

 Right now, the girls are frenemies. They argue with each other about as much as they play together.

Right now, Kylie is very particular.  For instance, while I'm pouring her a cup of milk in the morning, she's making sure that it's filled all the way to the top... in her purple cup... heated up for 30 seconds... and served with a straw.  Oh, and she wants "Rainbow Cereal" (Lucky Charms) in her green bowl...with no milk inside...and no spoon.

Right now, Summer has selective hearing.  I can ask her 20 times/day to get off the arm of the couch and each time she'll just stare at me like she's never heard such a request before.

Right now, Josh really loves his job.  He recently received the "Company Value Award" at work for his outstanding service. 

Right now, I anxiously await those precious evening hours after the girls are asleep when I get my husband all to myself.  We usually watch Grey's Anatomy, but at least we're together :)

Right now, Kylie does a great job getting herself ready for school.  She picks out her own clothes and gets herself dressed.  She eats her breakfast, brushes her teeth, and tells me what she wants in her lunchbox.  I still brush her hair, though, because I kind of love that part of our morning routine.

Right now, Summer no longer naps and I'm fine with that.  Around 4:00 she'll pick up her blankie, stick her fingers in her mouth, and quietly follow me throughout the house. Unfortunately, there are some days when we have to pick up Josh from work right during this time, and she conks out in the car {which makes for a later bedtime}.
Right now, the girls have wonderful imaginations.  It's not uncommon to hear them singing to themselves or talking through some imaginary dialogue.
Right now, Kylie has marriage on her mind.  Last week she told me that she'll marriage her friend, Benjamin, when she's a little older.  How old?  SIX.

Right now, Summer is over her potty training slump and has gone weeks without an accident.  She has also started waking us up at night IF she realizes she needs to go.  We're really not pushing night time potty training at all-- we kind of value sleep.
Right now, I'm seriously considering getting bunk beds for the girls.  Soon, I suppose.

Right now, Josh is happiest when he can get out and play basketball several times a week.  In fact, it's so important to him that he'll sometimes wake up at 5am so he can get some ball in before work.