Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Prize 2011

For our youth activity tonight we went downtown for Art Prize. Artists of all kinds from all over the world come and set up their displays. People vote for their favorites and eventually one piece is chosen as the "winner." I had never been before and I LOVE art so it was fascinating.

This guy made beautiful sand art. He had been working on this particular one since noon.... I took this picture around 8:00pm.

This piece was made completely of tiny pictures of handicapped people.
This was a HUGE belt made of belts. Who thinks of that???
This was a charcoal drawing of a family tree. (My picture isn't that great but they drew generations within the tree).
An artist painted about 10 different portraits of elderly people. They're stunning as is but what's even more impressive is that each wrinkle on the person contained writing about them-- their story was literally told in their wrinkles.
This one is called "Glitter Girl." It's made of sequins.
There were tons of sculptures too. I think a lot of people liked this one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The past 24 hours have been interesting.

After a crazy day with the kids and a later-than-usual bedtime, Josh and I chose to stay up late so that we could actually spend time together without being interrupted 5000 times. Around 11:30 we decided to call it a night. Josh headed downstairs to plug the laptop in and... stepped onto wet carpet. After finding standing water in our storage room we had no choice but to call our landlords and have them come over and help us fix the problem. They are the sweetest people and had no qualms at all with being forced out of bed in the middle of the night and staying with us until almost 2:30am.

Since then it's been nothing short of crazy around here! At this point we're just trying to save the things that got wet (see picture below) and air dry the carpet as best as we can.
What is it with us and water damage? Remember our condo back in 2008? Hopefully this pattern won't continue!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Mommy Brain"

I have the worst memory on the planet. Here's proof:

Scenario #1. I work at a tanning salon. When customers come in, I pull up their profile and enter the type of bed and amount of time they would like to go. Sometimes I'll enter the necessary info (which takes all of 10 seconds) and I'll forget which room I just entered into the computer. It's really embarrassing when you have to say, "Ok, you're all set in room......... Hold on. I have to pull it up again. Sorry."

Scenario #2. I entered a room number on the computer and sent the customer to a completely different room. After a few minutes she came out and asked why her bed wouldn't start. That would be because I'm an idiot and there's a bed in the room right next to yours that's humming away with nobody in it.

Scenario #1. It is not uncommon for me to walk into a room and completely forget why I'm there in the first place. I'll end up in the kitchen just staring at the fridge when I actually wanted to grab a hair brush from a bathroom drawer.

Scenario #2. I live by my calendar, but since it's on my wall, I can't remember anything I have scheduled when I'm out and about. I constantly have a conflicting schedule. I commit to attend a meeting when in fact I will be at work. Or I'll schedule a hair appointment during Kylie's preschool class (that meets once a week for a 2 hour block). What are the chances?

Scenario #3. I always forget to put something on the grocery list. Sometimes I think I'm really fortunate because I'll remember that item while I'm at the grocery store, but when I get home I realize that I forgot to actually grab that item. Yeah...

Scenario #1. I try to be really prepared when it comes to my kids. I load up that diaper bag with everything I can think of that will keep Summer distracted and Kylie entertained. However, it is not uncommon for me to pack tons of diapers... and no wipes. I have done that several times and it's useless. Today I had a great selection of toys and books in the diaper bag for the kids to use during church. I was so proud of myself! I even packed some pretzels for Kylie and her sippy cup of water. Did I remember to pack anything for Summer? Gerber puffs, graham crackers, cheerios? Nope. Nothing. She expressed her disappointment loudly several times.

Scenario #2. I was holding Summer today in between church meetings and she was very squirmy. I finished a conversation that lasted several minutes and when I was done, I realized that I had no idea where Summer was. I remembered that at one time I was holding Summer and now I wasn't. I honestly couldn't remember if I set her down or if someone took her from my arms. Seriously. Eventually I remembered that I set her down and she walked off.

I'm sure you get the gist. I have a terrible memory. Don't ever ask me to remind you to do something, grab something, or write something down. I will NOT remember. I honestly feel like I have Alzheimer's sometimes. How do you not remember whether you set your own kid down or not???

But there is some good news: I remember the things that matter. I have never forgotten to buckle my kids in the car. I have never left anyone behind. I do make it to all of my appointments/meetings/events on time (even if that means that I have to juggle and reschedule 50 times). I have excellent long-term memory. I can remember even the most minute details about my childhood, such as all of the teachers I've ever had from preschool through high school or the phone number of the house I haven't lived in since I was 7. Despite what you have read, I am competent at work, and I'm great at remembering faces so I can call customers by their names when they walk in (even if I've only met them once). So based on this I don't think I'm too far gone... yet.

I'm telling you: Mommy Brain is real! Either that or I'm losing my mind.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rise & Shine!

This is how we begin each day: cartoons. I can promise you that Summer stays in that little chair for about 2 minutes max and then she moves on to the next part of her routine...
...breakfast. Kylie almost NEVER eats breakfast so it's kind of nice to be able to share it with someone. Summer is known for sitting like this, with one chubby ankle crossed over the other. Now that the weather is getting cooler, we attempt to keep her feet warm. You can see how well that's going!
Check out those teeth :D

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forgotten

It's hard to believe that on this day 10 years ago, four American planes were hijacked by terrorists. Two of those planes crashed into the Twin Towers, where much of the devastation was felt.
I will never forget that day as long as I live. I had just taken my seat in my 2nd hour high school geometry class. Just before the bell rang, a classmate came into the room and announced to everyone that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. None of us believed him, until the teacher turned on the TV just in time for us to witness this...
We all remained in a state of shock for the rest of the day. Suddenly we had an interest in the news, and every TV in school was tuned in to follow the events of the day. We watched as things went from bad to worse...
I was only a freshman in high school, but I knew that tragedy had struck-- hard. So many lives had been lost: firefighters, businessmen/women, passengers, friends, spouses, parents...
...and we mourned.
But because of the courageous acts of some, many lives of others were saved.
Instead of falling apart, we came together as a nation. I will never forget that. Strangers embraced each other, cried together, and candlelight vigils were held. We lived through tragedy and became stronger everyday.

And now on this day--10 years later-- we remember it all: the shock, the horror, the sadness, the strength, the unity, the love.
September 11, 2001-- We will never forget.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Someone has the Giggles

Kylie had Summer laughing hysterically this morning. She was running around with an empty pop bottle, dropping it on her toe, then hopping around as if it hurt really bad. You have to watch the video all the way through-- the best part is at the end :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Perfect Day

For Labor Day, we went to my parents' house for a barbeque, and it was such a perfect day! It was about 60 degrees (a nice change from the hot and humid weather we've been having), we spent time together as a family, and we all just relaxed and enjoyed the holiday. After we ate, we all headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Once we were all ready...
...we all kind of did our own thing. Doesn't Summer look SO happy to be getting some fresh air???
She really did enjoy being outside-- don't let the previous picture fool you. She got some cardio in by chasing her shadow...
she played on a small hill (she's totally falling backwards in this picture)...
and spent some quality time in Grandma's arms.
Meanwhile, the guys threw a football. That sure made it feel like fall!
Kylie headed straight for the garden. I truly think she loves dirt more than anything on earth.
Hmm.... I wonder who was playing on the porch?
Even after we drove home, we continued to enjoy spending time together as a family. See-- Summer smiles sometimes :) You know what's cool about this picture? Kylie took it!
I hope you all were able to enjoy this Labor Day as much as we did!