Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday Shots

No, not those kinds of shots :) Vaccinations. Summer had her one-year wellness check today, and despite getting a shot in each limb and getting her blood drawn, she did a GREAT job! She came out of the doctor's office wearing 5 band-aids and a smile. Amazing.

Height: 29.5 inches -- 65th percentile
Weight: 22 pounds, 13 ounces -- 78th percentile
Head circumference: 44.4cm -- 31st percentile
One year ago Summer joined our family. When I think of the events that transpired exactly one year ago-- the labor, delivery, etc.-- it seems like it's been longer than a year! It's hard to imagine someone so special not being in your life at one time. The day she was born was such a wonderful day. I was so excited to meet her.

Everyone I met was so surprised that I had such a BIG baby. Now, a year later, people are still surprised I have such a big baby :)
Here are some fun facts about Summer:
  • She is very laid back and hardly ever cries
  • She doesn't like most vegetables or rice, but almost any other food or beverage is a go
  • She is riveted by TV. Whenever it's on she will stand about 3" from the screen. At this rate she'll need glasses by her second birthday.
  • She talks quite a bit for her age: mama, dada, baba, go, up, baby, more, yeah, all done.
  • It takes a lot for her to hurt herself. She trips and falls A LOT; she wrestles with Kylie; she bumps her head multiple times a day, but none of these things typically make her cry.
  • She has 8 teeth, two of which are molars.
  • She climbs up stairs and is practically running now
  • Her favorite place in the entire house is Kylie's bed. We find her there quite often.
  • She doesn't smile a lot, especially in front of strangers. She is perfectly happy doing her own thing, but apparently doesn't feel the need to smile to let you know it.
We just love her! She is such a sweet little girl and I'm a little sad that she's growing up so fast, but it's been such a blessing to have her in our family.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Summer Celebration

Today the whole family gathered together to celebrate Summer... the season, and our baby girl!
Here's the birthday girl! (She doesn't officially turn 1 until Wednesday).
We started our celebration by eating some amazing food. Summer has teeth now so we didn't see any harm in allowing her to participate in the feast as well. She gnawed on rib bones and chicken wings for a really long time!
Some quiet time after the meal.
Then we moved on to presents. While Summer was distracted by the camera, Kylie took advantage of "helping" opening gifts.
Every time Summer turned around there was a new toy to play with. Kylie's help really paid off.
And the moment you've all been waiting for... the cake. Isn't it cute?!
When Summer got her piece, she didn't even hesitate to take a fistful. It mostly made it into her mouth.
I can't believe my baby girl is practically one! We love having her in our family!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yesterday I took Kylie to the park just up the street. She's been really into playing pirates lately so we ran around pretending the playground equipment was a ship and we looked for enemies.

During our little game, a little girl showed up who was wearing a REAL eyepatch. She must have had surgery or something very recently. Kylie took one look at her and said, "Mom, look! She's a pirate!" I had to take her aside and explain why it was impolite to call her a pirate.

What are the chances that a girl with an eyepatch would show up at the park while we're playing pirates???

Just the Two of Us

Lately Kylie and I have been spending a lot of one-on-one time together, particularly in the mornings during Summer's nap. We eat breakfast together, though I prefer to sit at the table. To each their own...

We put on makeup together. Kylie put some lip gloss on all by herself. Not bad! In her words, she said she looked "bee-a-full."
While I got dressed she put on some sunscreen... or what she thought was sunscreen. That was actually Desitin.
Then to the park we go (big surprise). Ya gotta love splash pads, and today the weather was much more cooperative. We met up with a friend there (the little boy wearing the striped swimsuit).
Here's another shocker: Kylie didn't play in the water. She played around the perimeter where it was all muddy. She seems pretty proud of her legs!
But I learned something about her-- she is completely fine spraying other people. Luckily, they didn't seem to mind.
While we were walking from the splash pad to the playground, we ran into another friend-- Thad! They play so well together (mostly).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Day of Firsts

Three "firsts" happened today.
(1) We went to the library and Kylie played on the computer. She insisted on playing all by herself and she did!
(2) Kylie had her first kiss! It was with her very good friend, Thad, and it appeared to be mutual.
(3) Kylie only had 2 screaming fits at the doctor's office and both were very short.

Now I don't have pictures to back up #3 so you'll just have to trust me. I DREAD taking Kylie to the doctor because she usually screams the entire time and will not cooperate at all. For her 3 year check-up, she refused to take off her boots and coat, would not step on the scale or allow the doctor to listen to her heart, check her ears, look in her mouth, or take any measurements. All of the stats gathered were a total guess.

I took her in because she was complaining about her ears... nothing serious. But while we waited for the doctor to come in, Kylie was just cracking me up. She named all of the animals on the wall. She pretended the stool was a turntable. She drummed on the table. She played with her band-aid. She even put her little hand to her mouth and called out, "Wendy! Oh, Wendy!" (That's her doctor's name). When Wendy finally did come in, Kylie hid behind the chair and asked for mints. Yes, mints. Not a day goes by that she doesn't ask me for a mint... or five. The good news is, she only screamed when the assistant tried to take her temperature and when the doctor tried to look in her ears. But we got both accomplished and we walked out of there still smiling. Baby steps!


When I first became a mom and I was home all day with a newborn, I had no idea what I was supposed to do to keep busy. To tell you the truth, I was SO bored. Now that I have two little ones at home, our day fills up pretty quickly and I miss those days when I had loads of free time. I frequently write about our typical days so that (a) people understand that our life is all about the day-to-day happenings, not just big events, and (b) friends/family who may not have little ones at home see what life will actually be like. This is what our day was like yesterday.

I woke up to a miracle... the girls were still sleeping! I usually wake up to happy squeals from Summer, followed by Kylie yelling, "MOM! Summer wake up! Come get Summer!" The sight of a sleeping baby was just too cute not to share. Babies really do sleep with their bums in the air!
Once the girls were ready we made our way to the park. Josh was going to use the car to drive to the gym so he dropped us off, leaving us the double stroller just in case we needed to head home before he was done. (More on that later). Since Summer is still too little to do much at the park, we spend most of our time on the swings while Kylie runs around.

Sometimes she'll even stop to "help" for a minute.

From the pictures, it probably seems like we spent a good long time at the park. Try 15 minutes. About 15 minutes after arriving at the park, Kylie proudly declared that she needed to use the bathroom (of course). So I loaded the girls into the stroller and walked the 15 minutes home. And no, I did not walk all the way back to the park when she was done.
Since I was the one doing the walking in 80 degree weather, I sat down to rest when I got home. The girls had plenty of energy so they tackled each other. Seriously. It's their favorite game in the world. Summer will take a couple steps, Kylie will grab her ankle and TRIP her, and they both laugh hysterically. Anything to fill the time, I guess.

After lunch and Summer's nap, we'll either go back outside, run errands, or spend some time in the cool basement. Yesterday we opted for the basement. Someone was busy working on her climbing skills.... I have a feeling that she'll be one of those kids that tries to crawl out of her crib at a very young age. While Kylie plays, I alternate between playing with her and keeping Summer off the stairs. Believe me when I say it's exhausting.

The girls played dress up. Well, Kylie played and decided to involve Summer, whether she liked it or not. Summer started getting a terrible cold, which is why she doesn't look very thrilled in this picture. But she's still cute, nonetheless.
After playtime (which can seem like it goes on forever some days), we have dinner, baths, and then the bedtime routine. From reading this it may sound like my day is a piece of cake. I mean, how hard can it be to go play on the playground or play dress up?? The answer to that could take up an entire blog in and of itself....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

To: Kylie

I feel like I hardly ever post anything about Kylie. It's not that she doesn't do anything interesting. It's just that it's difficult to document those interesting things.

The other day we met up with a friend to enjoy the splash pad.
Of course it was only about 70 degrees and cloudy, but Kylie braved the freezing water several times.
But she mostly did this. I would too.
I love the butt ruffle on her swimsuit. I call it a "buffle."
Usually around 2:00 every day, Kylie and I hit the same wall. We have already spent the morning running errands or playing so we're a little low on energy. Since Summer sleeps during this time, it's pretty common for me to take a quick cat nap too. I hate to admit it, but this is usually when I turn on the TV for Kylie and it sometimes stays on for quite a while. I know it's not a great habit to get into, but I have to say that she has learned A TON from the shows she watches. It's a daily goal of mine to minimize the TV watching, but it's nice to know that her brain isn't turning to complete mush. (eg: she knows what a boutique is. I definitely didn't teach her that).

But, during that lull, we do these little workbooks too. She loves to learn and I'm happy to teach her. My mom got her several books that will help with fine motor skills, such as tracing letters, dot-to-dots, etc. She is doing awesome!
It's not the best picture, but she traced the uppercase and lowercase "F."
For Christmas we bought her flashcards that focused on letter sounds. A few weeks ago she got really interested in them again and she's a learned a lot from these too.

I'm so impressed by her ability to remember things. Once you teach her something, she remembers it. It's really unfair. My older brother is the same way. I admire her desire to learn new things.


My younger brother played in a community soccer league this summer so we decided to watch him one evening. It was ridiculously hot that day but we still had a great time. (Kramer is the one on the right wearing blue).
For at least half of the time we were there, Kylie bounced this rubber ball off the wall and chased it everywhere. She played with rocks the other half.
Summer found this random patch of shade and walked back and forth, back and forth...
Then she got ambitious! She's such a go-getter.