Monday, May 23, 2011

New 'Do

Kylie got her first official haircut today! She just got a couple inches taken off and now has bangs again. I'm thrilled that she still has curls! I was so nervous that they would be gone forever since her curls are really only at the end of her hair.
I took her to a salon last week and it was a disaster. She cried and said it was "busy" so we just ended up leaving, despite my bag full of awesome stuff for her. A friend of mine from church cut her hair today and was so patient with her. Kylie was able to watch TV on my lap while eating popcorn. Worked like a charm.

Miss Mischief

Each year for Mother's Day the women at church are given flowers. I was excited to bring my beautiful gerbera daisies home-- I thought they would add a little color to my living room. Kylie had other plans.... She ripped out the flowers and tossed them over the balcony so she could have easier access to the good stuff: dirt.
She even watered her dirt, which made a lovely muddy mess
At the time, I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this sight. I chose to laugh :)
I have caught her sitting in Summer's baby swing several times. I really can't get that upset about it though. (1) It's already broken, and (2) she is still within the weight limit!

Friday, May 13, 2011

May = Busy!

Did I mention that May is a busy month? In addition to fixing up the duplex, packing/moving, and preparing for Girls Camp, we have a few special occasions to celebrate!

This past Wednesday was my 24th birthday. Since I knew my birthday would fall on a weekday this year, I decided to kind of do my own thing instead of going somewhere for dinner, etc. My one and only birthday gift was getting my hair highlighted :) I haven't done that since high school (and it was a TOTAL disaster) but I'm so happy with the way it turned out.
And here's the fun part-- purple! I did a purple strip on each side, but it's at the base of my neck so you can't really see it unless I really try to make it obvious (or I wear my hair up somehow).
That was supposed to be my only gift, but I may have splurged some more. I bought myself a new outfit, new jewelry, new shoes, a movie, some breakfast....
During the day we went to my grandma's house and just hung out in her backyard. I love to see her with my kids. It's just sweet. Summer took Grandma for a little walk :)
And apparently all that practicing has paid off!
Here is just a random video of the family. These are the kinds of things we do when life slows down for 2 seconds. I think Kylie and Summer have such a cute relationship.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Today was a great day. Josh pretty much took care of everything today so I could relax and just enjoy this special day. Not only that, but the talks at church were awesome and I got to spend time with my family this afternoon. I made my mom this apron for Mother's Day.
I am so grateful for my own mom. She's such a great example and is seriously the kindest person I know. Sometimes I forget that she's my mom because we're such great friends. When I grow up, I hope I can be just like her :)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a mother. It is SOOOOO much harder than I could have ever anticipated. For example, I grew up with the understanding that once you have a baby, the baby always comes first. This is definitely true. What I didn't fully comprehend, though, was that you have to put yourself dead last-- everyone and everything demands attention too! I struggle with this. At the end of each day I feel worn out, behind schedule, and frustrated at my shortcomings. I often find myself thinking, "Hey, what about me?"

I'm discovering weaknesses about myself that I didn't even know I had. For instance, I am an absolute monster when I don't get enough sleep. I am impatient. I raise my voice. In my head I swear like a sailor and... sometimes those words slip out. I can't function well when my house is a cluttered mess. I used to think that choosing to be a stay-at-home mom was easier than having a career because you don't have to get dressed up if you don't want to, you don't have to answer to a boss, and you don't even have to interview for the position! I was such an idiot. This is BY FAR the hardest thing I have ever done and I often wonder if I'm even doing a good job.

But you know what? At the end of the day I can recall every moment--happy or sad-- that I spent with my kids. I know how Kylie got the bruise on her knee and what made Summer giggle. I know that we had family prayer before bed and I know how many kisses Kylie requested as I tucked her in. I may have a billion worries running through my mind as I collapse into bed each night, but I find comfort in knowing that my kids are healthy, safe, and loved... and they know it.

I have learned so much from the daily grind of motherhood, but I have learned the most from my kids. I am just now beginning to understand what it means to "become as a little child." My daughters don't judge me if I don't get a shower until 1 in the afternoon. They are patient with me when I lose my temper. They instantly forgive me, even if I make the same mistake 1000 times. Their innocence makes me smile. When I grow up, I want to be like them too.
I'm so grateful for the wonderful moms all around me who inspire me to work hard at becoming an exceptional mom. I know not to compare myself to others, but instead to watch those I admire and learn from them. I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

By the Way

I transferred pictures/videos from my camera onto the computer and came across some fun things. This picture has a funny story behind it. Since we started bathing Kylie and Summer together, Kylie noticed that Summer has a birthmark on her back and now she calls it "her brown." Kylie will spend a great deal of time washing Summer's "brown" in hopes of getting it off for her. Good luck with that, Kylie!

One nice thing about the weather warming up is the chance we have to get outdoors and enjoy some high school sports. My cousin, Kendell, is a freshman at one of the local high school and doing VERY well in track. I really enjoy watching her because she runs the exact same races that I ran in high school. Here she is running the 200 meter dash (1/2 way around the track). As you can see she's pretty incredible. She ran this race in 26 seconds. That is FLYING and I have no doubt that she'll knock it down to 25 seconds by the end of her season.

I absolutely love watching Kylie and Summer interact with one another. Kylie can make her laugh better than anyone!

Yesterday was a HUGE day for Summer! It's like a bunch of things just clicked all at once and she reached several developmental milestones. She said "Mama" and I know she associates the word with me. Yay! In the past she has been getting up on all fours from a sitting position, but yesterday she pushed up from her tummy. She'll definitely be on the move soon. She also learned to clap yesterday-- well, Summer style. She did it all on her own and once I realized what she was trying to do, Kylie and I encouraged her to keep trying.