Monday, August 23, 2010

Love This Girl!

Kylie had a little fun with my camera...
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Not too bad considering she took them all herself!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I hate this picture're welcome.
I had a doctor's appointment today and I have some info for y'all.
  • I am 36 weeks, but measuring 40"
  • The baby has dropped
  • I am 50% effaced
  • I am dilated to a 3
  • My sugars are under control (for the most part)
  • I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week to determine the baby's size
My prediction?? I'm goin' early!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feelin' Crafty

I completed a few crafts recently that I thought I'd share. Here are some fun hair bows that I made for Kylie.
I got this diaper bag from the hospital when I had Kylie, but I rarely used it because it's kind of small and it has a really obvious similac label on the front. However, I turned one of the flower hair bows into a pin to cover up the label and suddenly I like it a lot more! It doesn't change the fact that it's still small, but it will work well for those daily errands.
A nursing cover (my husband prefers to call it a hooter hider). Man, I wish I had one of these when I was nursing Kylie!
And my greatest sewing accomplishment thus far....the crib bedding! When I first learned that I was pregnant I decided that I was going to make the crib bedding for this baby, and I'm so happy with the results!
Crib skirt
Bumper/crib skirt combo
The whole package
A year ago I didn't even know what a bobbin was. My Grandma was kind enough to work with me on a weekly basis to teach me some of the basics of sewing. I am SO happy that I am acquiring this skill because it's practical and fun. I will admit, though, that it does require patience-- something I did not possess in my youth, hence why I had no desire to sew until now.

Anyway, there are a few more crafts I'd like to complete soon, but the bedding was definitely my top priority and I'm glad it's done :)

Silence = Not A Good Thing

Kylie is great at playing independently but I always get a little concerned when it gets TOO quiet. Here is her latest project: her face.
I got SO lucky. Fortunately they were washable markers and she only colored on herself rather than the furniture and walls. Another bonus: she loves baths. Whew!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gestational Diabetes

I mentioned in a previous post that I have gestational diabetes. You can read more about the condition and how it affects the baby here. Ever since that diagnosis, things have been REALLY hard. I now fall into the "high risk" category and have had to make numerous adjustments. For instance, I have to:

  • Consume a low carb, high protein diet. This means constantly checking food labels and Align Centeravoiding sugary foods and beverages-- desserts, juice, pop, certain cereals, even certain fruits.
  • Check my blood sugar levels at least 4 times a day. This entails pricking my finger and checking my glucose levels with a machine. If I'm not within a certain range, I have to adjust my diet throughout the day.
  • Give myself 5 insulin shots a day. Since my glucose levels were always really high (usually between 200-300 when it should have been around 140), my doctor put me on insulin. It's a very strange feeling to give yourself a shot... in the stomach...when you're pregnant.
  • Call the doctor 2-3 times/week. Every time I check my blood sugar levels I have to write it down. Every few days I call the doctor's office to report those levels so adjustments to my insulin dosage can be made if necessary.
  • Have non-stress tests conducted twice a week. You can read about them here. This is done in addition to my weekly doctor's appointments. Some days I feel like I might as well just camp out at my doctor's office!
  • Possibly have an ultrasound if the baby is uncooperative during the non-stress test. This happened to me once already. First she was too active and kept kicking the monitor off, then she fell asleep and there was no activity to measure. Diabetics tend to have larger-than-average babies. The ultrasound showed that not only is our baby girl active and healthy, she is also measuring normally... I just have TONS of water, which is why I look as if I should have delivered 2 weeks ago :)
All of this has been challenging because it consumes much of my life these days. Between regular doctor's appointments, non-stress tests, shots, and phone calls, my time is gone! When I do get a chance to sit down and relax, I'm constantly worried about what I can eat. It's hard not being able to even drown my sorrows with a hot, gooey cookie!

The past few days have been particularly difficult because my blood sugar levels have gotten so low (due to my new insulin dosage) that I've crashed. Anything below 60 is pretty dangerous and during the past three days alone I've been in the 40s at least once. It's really scary when that happens because I become so weak that I can hardly move and I could lose consciousness if I don't bounce back quick enough. Thank goodness I'm currently in a house full of people that can help!

The good news is that there is an end in sight!! I have so much respect for diabetics that have to face these challenges everyday for the rest of their lives. I just pray that our little girl will continue to thrive and the rest of the pregnancy will pass quickly. Forty-two days and counting!