Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's A Girl!

Kylie is going to have a little sister! Lots of people thought I would be having a boy so it's been fun to announce a little girl :) I'll admit, even I was surprised to learn the news because this pregnancy has been very different from my first one. But, it's a totally different person in there, so what can you expect? We are so happy to know that she is healthy and strong thus far. My due date is still set at September 12.

Here's a sneak peak at our little one.
Look at those teeny little legs! Trust me, they're stronger than they look!
Oh, all right... here's a prego pic. This is me at 20 weeks: the halfway point.
From the front I actually look pretty small; the side view is a completely different story! I'm trying not to panic, but I can't help but wonder how huge I'm going to be towards the end.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sneaky, Sneaky

Yesterday Kylie got into something of mine. Can you see it?

How about now?

Do her eyes look a little bruised to you? No, she didn't get hurt. She put on my mascara BY HERSELF. She has watched my morning routine so many times that she knows what the mascara is for and how it is applied. About 2 minutes after she put it on, though, she rubbed her eyes and spread the mascara all over.

This video shows a couple of different things:

  • She is quite the daredevil. She climbs on everything.
  • She loves to have her picture taken so she can see herself in it afterward. She "wants Kylie."
  • Can you see the mascara?
  • You get a teeny glimpse of the baby bump
  • Kylie jabbers all the time. She says plenty of words you can understand, but she jabbers for a few seconds first.
  • And the grand finale... the mini-tantrum :)

Yesterday evening I was wiping the coffee table with a magic eraser to clean off some marker...again. While I was doing so, I could hear Kylie laughing her head off upstairs. When I checked on her she had marker all over her face and chest. She was looking in a full-length mirror and drawing on herself (on purpose). Too bad the magic eraser doesn't work on my child.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A WICKED-ly Wonderful Weekend

For Valentine's day, Josh surprised me with tickets to Wicked (to read about the surprise, click here). Short version of the weekend: relaxing hotel + amazing show + my best friend - energetic toddler = PERFECT weekend.

Long version:

We had originally planned on going to the Detroit Temple first and then going to the show, but we decided to take our time and make the weekend as relaxing as possible. Josh was able to use his points from work to "pay" for the hotel.

Isn't there something so inviting about a hotel bed?

We had plenty of time to kill so we decided to go swimming. There was only 1 other guy in there and the water had to be over 80 degrees-- two rarities at a hotel pool.

We ate at Applebees for dinner around 5:30, beating the dinner rush. Josh had a gift card so dinner cost us about $1.

Then it was show time! The whole day we kept saying how excited we were.

We had really awesome seats-- you could see the stage perfectly. This is what you saw when you first walked in and looked toward the stage-- an illuminated map of Oz.

SO EXCITED for it to start

There was also this huge dragon just above the stage. As soon as the lights dimmed and the music started, its eyes lit up red and the wings moved. It just added to coolness of the show.

The show was absolutely amazing. Man, those people could sing!! There were so many times when I had goosebumps. It's an awesome show anyway, but I was really impressed with the cast. I would HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone, even if you're not a huge fan of musicals.

We got back to our hotel around 11pm, slept in, and took our time getting back home on Sunday. It really was an awesome weekend. Now it's back to reality!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Little Gardner

I am loving this warm weather! Kylie LOVES to play outside. Even though we have bought various outdoor toys for her, she prefers dirt, water, and rocks. Today she was really into the dirt... and I mean INTO the dirt.
Um...I realize that she looks incredibly homely in this picture, haha. When she is ready to go outside, she brings you your shoes and she expects you to go outside right that second; therefore, I did not have the chance to do anything with her hair after her nap. Oh well. If it bugs you that much, you can focus on the first picture I posted :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think She's Ready...

The other day Josh took Kylie to WalMart. As soon as she saw the bike section she put on a helmet and hopped on a bike. If she had stayed in that section any longer, she probably would have pedaled away!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We put together a little Easter egg hunt for Kylie this morning. It took her a minute to figure out that she was supposed to collect the eggs, but once she discovered that there were little treasures inside, she got the hang of it!
Found the candy!

We bought a package of foam letters, numbers, and sea animals that can go in the bathtub. We put a few of these inside the Easter eggs along with candy. So far she is a fan of both the letters and candy :)

Here is a video of the Easter egg hunt, if you're interested. We had a lot of fun watching her figure it out-- you might too.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recent Happenings/Kylie's Funnies

Josh just returned from a week long business trip to California. I feel like just in that short time he was gone, Kylie has changed so much. Before he left, she had caught yet another cold and wasn't really herself.

She has started to say some things that just sound funny coming from a 2-year-old. Here are some examples:
  • She will say "Hi guys!" even if she is only speaking to one person
  • She will say "I'm back" when she re-enters a room
  • When I tuck her in at night, she'll say "Bye! Miss you!" This is quickly followed by "Mommy? Mommyyy? MOOOOMMYYYYYY?" just to get me stay in there longer
  • She will say "How bout..." when she is deciding what she wants

She has also found some new toys. She is still fascinated with the computer. Don't even bother trying to get any work done with her around because she'll kick you right off.

Her latest obsession are these boots. We tried to put them on her a couple months ago so she could play in the snow and she absolutely refused. Now that we have beautifully weather, she wants them on all the time... and I do mean ALL the time.

The weather in Michigan is ridiculously warm considering the time of year. I ran out and bought some summery clothes for Kylie way earlier than I expected. I LOVE those capris on her.

If any of you are wondering why I don't update more regularly, this video may help to answer that question. Any time I pull out the camera, my "subject" is not always cooperative...