Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Ya Been?!

My answer to this question would be: Nowhere! We didn't create a blog until the tail end of my first pregnancy, so for those of you that can remember how awful that first trimester was for me, imagine this: it's worse this time around. I became sick almost immediately after learning I was pregnant and I haven't been the same since! For an entire month I practically lived in the bathroom and never once left the house. I finally got some medication that helped A TON but I'm still not completely over the sickness yet. Having a toddler has made things a little interesting, but fortunately I have had a ton of help. Here are some of the things that kept Kylie occupied during my 3 months of "hands-off" parenting:

Typing. She LOVES being quizzed on various letters, numbers, and symbols. It is because of this fascination that she knows the difference between a period, comma, and "pot-a-pee" (apostrophe).

I am so thankful to have a husband who works from home!! Here is a picture of him multi-tasking: typing with Kylie, sending an email, and participating in a conference call.
When Josh was out of town, my other family members stepped up to the plate. One day my mom let Kylie jump on her bed and that quickly became the new favorite activity to do with Grandma. Kylie also enjoyed writing with Granddad and dancing with Kramer.

What did I do?? Well, there's not much you can do when you're horizontal all day. I read. A lot. Nicholas Sparks has quickly become a favorite of mine.
When March rolled around, it was finally warm to enough to venture outside. I'm sure Kylie was thinking FREEDOM!!!!!
Like I said, she likes to write. Actually, that's not entirely true. She likes to pick out certain colors and have YOU write with them. You will find hundreds of sheets of paper in our house that are doodled just like this.
And here she is with her bowls of water. Some things never change :)
We're hoping that the yucky part of the pregnancy is almost over so I can get back to spending quality time with this silly girl. Bring on the second trimester!!