Monday, February 15, 2010

Season of Love

Our family is growing!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Early Valentine's Day

Josh left this afternoon for Chicago, where he will be working for the next week. Since he would gone for Valentine's Day, we celebrated a few days early.

I came downstairs to find this note written in French, as well as a dictionary so I could translate it myself. Since Josh didn't have a week to wait for me to do this, I picked out the words I knew and he summed up the rest. What did it say? Basically that I had 4 envelopes that must be opened in order, and then I would get my surprise. However, the real surprise wouldn't come until April 17.
On the front porch I found the 4 envelopes!! Now how do I get to them???
That's right... I had to chisel away at my gift in order to get to the envelopes!
Got one!
After retrieving all 4 envelopes, I brought them inside and began opening them. Envelope #1 had a picture of an LDS temple. Inside envelopes 2 and 3 were pictures of a restaurant and slippers you would wear at a nice hotel. I was very curious at this point!
Finally I opened envelope #4 and found tickets to WICKED! This picture of me is disgusting but it captures the moment. I opened the envelope and said in the most high-pitched voice possible, "Really?!"

So the plan is to leave mid-morning on April 17 so we can make an afternoon session at the temple. From there we will check into our hotel, go somewhere to eat, and then see the show (it's in Toledo, OH). We'll stay the night and then come home the following day. I'm excited already!

Josh wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day with his daughter as well, so he bought her these cute little sunglasses. She's too young to appreciate flowers and one of her favorite things to do is dress up. I think she likes them :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mini Update

Sometimes I go a while without updating the blog because not much is going on. This is one of those times. I cut Kylie's bangs the other day--finally. Not the best picture of her but it shows off her new 'do.
I don't think I've mentioned this on the blog yet. This is Carson (Kylie calls him 'Cars'). I've been watching him every Friday for the past 4 months. This is not the best picture of him either but it was during one of his happier moments :) Gotta love baby food! A friend of mine at church referred me to her friend that was going back to work and needed a sitter for her son. It's nice because it's only one day a week and it's a great way to bring in a little extra money. It's especially fun to watch Kylie interact with him.
And here's Kylie-- she choreographed this for you all today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today's Events: Josh's Funny Moment & Eggs

Today has been an eventful day and it's only 1:30. This morning Josh and I gathered up the laundry and began sorting clothes (Thursday=laundry day) while Josh was simultaneously on the phone trying to schedule a doctor's appointment for himself because he hasn't really gotten over the cold he's had since Christmas. While he is on the phone supplying the receptionist his employee ID # listed on the insurance card, this is what I overhear:

Josh: A as in apple, Z as in zebra, L as in...likelihood? I don't know, haha.
I think to myself L as in likelihood??? Only Josh... I'm glad I married a guy who can make me laugh, even when he's not trying to be funny.

After this humorous conversation, we realized that it was WAY too quiet downstairs. Upon arriving downstairs, Josh told me I needed to come down right away. I immediately started thinking about what Kylie could have gotten into. Markers? No, I put them away. I left some gum out...maybe she ate some. No, it was worse.
Her favorite thing to eat right now is hard-boiled eggs. However, it's tough explaining to a 2-year-old the difference between a raw egg and a hard-boiled one. She found out the difference between the two today.
Luckily she only got into 2 eggs (1 by the fridge, and another one she tried to crack on the coffee table). Not only did we come downstairs to find an eggy mess, but her nose was running like crazy and she desperately needed a clean diaper. I'm sure if anyone suddenly dropped by our house at that very moment, they would question whether or not we actually take care of our child, but I can assure you that this sort of damage is done within minutes!