Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Latest on Kylie

Disclaimer: There are no pictures of Kylie in this post because she's sick...again.

I promised that I would provide Kylie's stats after her 2 year check-up. And here they are:

-- Height: 34" (56th percentile) I think it sounds funny to say that she is 2 feet, 10 inches tall :)
-- Weight: 26.4 pounds (34th percentile)
--Head circumference: I don't remember, but it put her in the 30-something percentile

Since her appointment, she has developed yet another awful cold. She sure gets sick a lot for someone who really doesn't go too many places! One night she was coughing so hard that she threw up. When I opened her bedroom door, I got this amazing whiff of gross. Of course Josh was out of town. So at 10:00 at night she got a bath, I washed her bedding, and we just hung out for a couple hours. She refuses to sleep without her blankie (which had puke all over it), which is why I had to FINISH the laundry before I could put her back down. Anyway, she is beginning to feel better. Luckily she is a happy camper, even when she's sick.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated my mom's 29th birthday and Kylie's 2nd birthday :) We kept things very low-key and it was just a great weekend spent together as a family.

It is hard to believe that my baby is 2 already! This past year went by SO fast. Each day I find myself staring into the eyes of a child, not a baby, and I wonder where the time has gone.
For instance, all of a sudden her hair can be pulled into a ponytail... when did that happen?
Anyway, we realized during Christmas that Kylie is more interested in bags than boxes. So here are all of her birthday bags.
Kylie got some new headbands and insisted on wearing them immediately. Both of them. At the same time. Tags and all.
She was a little freaked out by all of us singing "Happy Birthday" to her (she was last year too). But once she got her cupcake, she was fine.

After picking at her pink cupcake for 15 minutes, she finally decided to dig in. Her motor skills have improved so much since last year. She actually got it into her mouth!
We just ADORE this little girl. She is so much fun to be around and I am constantly amazed at how quickly she learns. Happy birthday kiddo!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kylie Fun Facts

I haven't mentioned a whole lot about Kylie lately. Here are some fun facts about her:
  • She can count to 8
  • She can recognize about 5 letters in the alphabet
  • She likes to identify hearts wherever she sees them
  • She knows 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black
  • Some of her favorite things include markers, water, books, Elmo, Barney, hats, and necklaces
  • Her favorite time of the day is bathtime
  • She is beginning to protest mealtimes, but when she does eat she loves cheese, pretzels, peanuts, eggs, and popcorn (her diet is more balanced than this, I promise!)
  • Her favorite phrases are "uh oh," "a mess," "where'd ________ go?" and "hi!"
  • She LOVES to laugh and have fun

*I will include more facts about her development after her 2-year appointment on Monday*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had the hardest time finding a toddler-size belt for Kylie, so I made one.

I made her belt from the material left over from the curtains I made for her bedroom. I love a well-lit room...until naptime. They go well with the sports border, don't you think? :)
Someday she'll have a room with a theme, but for now she just gets something cute and "big girlish."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yellow, Orange, Blue, Black

These are the colors that Kylie can correctly identify!!

After I took this video she also identified red, green, and purple. She hasn't been consistent with these colors, but she is well on her way!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2009 was a wonderful year, but there is always room for improvement. I have never been big into making New Year's resolutions because I typically make changes as I go along. However, I knew that some things DEFINITELY needed to change with Kylie... otherwise 2010 would be a very long year. I mentioned those things in my last post.

Good news: things have already improved!!! I bought these fantastic markers and crayons that wash off pretty much every surface imaginable (even skin).
Kylie somehow finds ways to get marker all over her clothes, so I bought this smock which will become very handy when she begins playing with paint.
Kylie absolutely loves to read (a quality I adore in her). Since I am the one who is home with her all day, we read together quite a bit. Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where she will ONLY read with me. One of Josh's New Year's resolutions was to read to Kylie everyday after dinner for at least 15 minutes. It's quality time spent with his daughter, but it would also get her used to reading with others.
She has improved in many other areas too, just in the last couple of days. It's amazing how a little structure (and creativity) can change things for the better.

Random note: I got my first gym membership ever today...and I'm very excited about it :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hittin' the Books

Anyone know how to raise a toddler?????

I have hit a roadblock. Here are some of my daily struggles:
  • The TV. Kylie wants to watch Sesame Street and Barney for hours. Not OK.
  • Mealtimes. She suddenly despises the highchair, refuses to eat what everyone else is having, refuses to wear a bib, and throws all of her food on the floor.
  • Writing utensils. She writes on walls, library books, toys, chairs, cabinets, etc.
  • Water. Her favorite thing besides coloring is playing with water. We gave her a tea set for Christmas and pretty much took it away already because she spills everywhere. Even when I let her have her cups in the bathtub, she'll dump the water over the side.
  • Tantrums. She's almost 2 so tantrums are to be expected, but she'll just collapse onto the floor and SCREAM. She randomly did this one day while holding Josh's hand and dislocated her wrist. Reasoning with her just falls on deaf ears.
I feel like such an amateur. Any advice would be much appreciated.