Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Festivities, part II

As always, I'm a little late in blogging our holiday activities.

Since we got together with family a week earlier than usual, our Christmas Eve was free so we got together with my dad's brother's family. For some reason, Kylie suddenly took to Uncle Corey and found him to be hilarious. Who needs gifts when you have an armrest??

Christmas morning was a lot of fun, even though Kylie really didn't grasp what was going on. She had more gifts than she really knew what to do with, but she enjoyed taking off everyone's bows. She played with a few toys right when she opened them, but then she would completely forget all about the other gifts she had yet to open. It was still so much fun.
One of Kylie's favorite things to do is to pour water from one container to another. Josh and I quickly decided that the girl needed a tea set. She loves putting water in her cups and dumping it back and forth.
As you can imagine, an almost-2-year-old doesn't have the best coordination when it comes to pouring water, so we got her a "Kylie-sized" table that will allow us to clean up spills easily. She also received some winter gear, including this stocking cap.

As I've mentioned before, Kylie will sit on the weirdest things when watching TV, so my parents got her this cute little Tinkerbell chair. She went right to it immediately after church yesterday :)
We had a wonderful Christmas. We feel that we have been really blessed this year and are so glad that we could share this wonderful holiday with family. Enjoy the New Year!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Festivities

My favorite part of the Christmas season (aside from the true meaning of Christmas itself) is the time spent with family. I LOVE getting together with family and celebrating this wonderful holiday season together. Every year we get together with my dad's side of the family. This year, we met at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Kylie was fascinated with the train going around the track under the Christmas tree.
Having a great time just being together (this picture shows about 1/4 of the people there. Everyone else was dispersed throughout the house).
Me and my cousin. I love that she's 12 and taller than me :)
The family sometimes likes to joke that Kylie is not really mine because she is a spitting image of her dad, with blonde hair and blue eyes. As if giving birth to her wasn't reason enough to believe that she is indeed mine, her hair is just as convincing. Every morning when I get ready to brush it, I think to myself Oh yeah, she's definitely mine!
I made this stocking for Kylie with some scraps I had lying around. All of our stockings hang facing left, which apparently goes against the norm because you can't find left-facing stockings anywhere. So, I made her one.
Kylie wearing her Christmas dress. I have been really sick with a cold and couldn't even stick it out through sacrament meeting, so she didn't get to wear it for very long. But it's still cute. Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'll Miss This Someday

Life with a toddler can be really difficult sometimes. I experience exhaustion, frustration, and lack of patience on a daily basis. BUT... I also feel a tremendous amount of love for this little girl. I know that when she's older and I look back on these times, I'll remember the happy moments the most and I'll want them back. She's at such a FUN age and I'm learning a lot from her --the energy, excitement, and wonder that makes toddlers so unique.
Dressing up
Getting into things
Wanting independence
Making choices
Almost ALWAYS seen with a smile

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day!

There has been a blizzard warning in effect for West Michigan since last night, and will continue to be in effect until Friday morning. It's only 14 degrees right now! This is what the deck looked like when we woke up this morning.
The plows haven't made it to our street yet, so the yards, driveways, and street all have about the same amount of snow.
The piles of snow on either side of the driveway after we shoveled.
Our rapidly disappearing mailbox.
They really were excited to be out there, I promise. They tried to look all manly and tough for the picture :)
See? I didn't mind.
Josh has been in Rhode Island for work for the past week. He just flew home last night and, fortunately, didn't experience any delays. Good thing he wasn't traveling today! It's STILL snowing.
And here's a picture of Kylie, for good measure

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Kylie just learned a new word this week: mess. Boy, is that fitting! She also recognized that we often put salt and pepper on our food during dinner, so she will request "popo" any chance she gets, and this is what she'll do with it.


Chocolate cake... right after bathtime

I think I'll keep her, messes and all.