Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Life with a toddler can be so chaotic sometimes, which is why I really appreciate little moments like this. When I went to wake her up this morning, she looked so angelic (even with the bed head) and I just stood there and watched her sleep for a while. I just love this little girl!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Stuff

Yesterday I was watching an old episode of The Biggest Loser where the contestants had to go in the "temptation room" where they were challenged not to eat any of the food in the room. Kramer was imitating one of the contestants that decided to eat a bunch of the food, and Kylie thought it was hilarious!

Just a random plug about myself: I love working out. However, each time I get ready to exercise, I am reminded that I don't have very many clothes that are conducive to exercising. So the other day I went shopping for some work out clothes and I came home with 3 shirts... from the girls' department at Dick's Sporting Goods, haha. For some reason when I get adult-sized shirts, they are boxy looking, loose, and I'm self-conscious the whole time I'm working out. So in order to get a shirt that fit how I like it, I visited the girls' department and I am very happy with what I came home with.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poor Kylie

Little does she know that she will have to spend every Saturday for the next few months watching Michigan football. Daddy gets her dressed up in her Michigan gear just for the occasion.
She doesn't look too upset about it, though. It makes for some great daddy/daughter time.

2 Projects Completed!

We finally finished painting the doors and shutters of the house! It was a VERY long and tedious process, especially painting all 12 of the shutters, but I think it was worth it.


As we were wrapping up our project on the exterior of the house, we began tackling the interior. Kramer's room was in DESPERATE need of some help in the worst way. You can see the "before" picture here. Now, three of the walls are painted a light gray color (they look white in this picture), and then the far wall is painted a darker gray. The 2 colors together look awesome and they look great with the grayish undertones in his carpet. Now we get to put all of the furniture back :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was very eventful for us this year. Josh's sister, Rachael, had a birthday on Friday so went to her apartment in Middleville to celebrate with her. Her roommate had a kitten and Kylie ADORED that thing. She chased it for probably an hour-- no joke. Kylie loves to fist bump people, and when it was time to leave, she gave everyone "knuckles"... including the kitten. She cracks me up!

On Saturday, we took on a major project. For years my mom has been wanting to paint the doors and shutters on the house, and we finally tackled it. We're not completely done yet, but here are some of the "before" pictures just to give you an idea of how badly this needed to be done. "After" pictures coming soon!
Josh spent hours sanding the doors to prepare them for paintingSunday we went to my Grandma Jefferson's house and had a little BBQ. Kylie had the best time with her Uncle Nahmi (Kramer). Although, I'm not sure who had more fun...

Just a couple pictures of Kylie looking cute!