Friday, May 29, 2009

Cedar Point: Ride On

On Wednesday we took a little trip to Sandusky, OH to enjoy Cedar Point. Josh and I went with my brothers, which was a ton of fun because everybody had a partner that wanted to go on every ride. We did end up getting rained out, but we had already been on all the rides we wanted to by that time. It was such a blast!

The Dragster-- this ride wasn't even built the last time I went. Basically you go from zero to 120 mph in about 6 seconds, and they take you 420 feet in the air.... then STRAIGHT back down.

This is what my hair looked like after the ride, haha. It WAS a braid.


Millenium Force-- yes, we kept our arms up the whole time

Since the forecast called for rain that day, the park was practically empty. On a sunny day, you can easily wait in line for a single ride for about 2 hours. On Wednesday, the longest wait we had was about 15 minutes. We just might have to make another trip there soon....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May = A Busy Month

May is always a busy month for us, but it was especially chaotic this year because of the move. In addition to that, we celebrated my 22nd birthday, Mother's Day, and our 3rd anniversary.
One thing I love about Josh is his wonderful ability to listen and pick up on small details. I casually mentioned once that I would like to have a jewelry box someday. He presented me with this beautiful gift after graduation.

On Mother's Day he gave me flowers, my favorite candy (Dove chocolates), and a very sweet card that was addressed to "the younger hot mom of the house." My birthday came just one day later and I just told him that I wanted some jewelry to put in my new jewelry box. He gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet from Kay Jewelers, which I definitely wasn't expecting! In addition, my sister-in-law, Rachael, took me to get a pedicure.Our anniversary was yesterday and we decided not to get each other gifts this year. Instead, we will be going to Cedar Point, an amusement park just a few hours away. We LOVE roller coasters and are very excited to have a babysitter on hand (thanks Mom).

Getting Settled

We appreciate my parents' generosity as they have kind of let us take over their house. However, Josh and I decided that our bedroom (my old bedroom) needed a make-over. While my parents were gone on vacation, we made it happen.

Much better! No more crazy border, weird layout, or junk cluttering the floor. As you can see, Josh works right out of our bedroom while I try to keep Kylie entertained downstairs. I have to give Josh credit for almost everything that went into this project-- he pretty much did it all!

Graduation Pics Are In

Here are the pictures from graduation, as promised. Josh's parents and sister (and her adorable son, Colton) drove all the way from Washington to celebrate with us. We had a blast with them and are so grateful for Josh's dad who was kind enough to send these pictures to us. I couldn't possibly post them all, so here are some of my favorites.
Jen keeping Colton busy during the ceremony

Walking across the stage

A very tired Kylie

Happy to be outside
The fam

Saturday, May 9, 2009


We drove from Utah to Michigan with a 15-month-old and lived to tell about it! We actually arrived about a week ago but I've neglected my blog. Anyway, here is a run-down of our trip.

Wednesday: We ordered a relocube from ABF that would transport our stuff so we could drive our car without having to tow anything. If you're unfamiliar with these, there are picture further down-- they're awesome. On Wednesday, we loaded the cube. Thanks to EVERYONE to helped us pack and watch Kylie-- we couldn't have done it without you!! By Wednesday evening, we were on the road. We decided to drive at night so that Kylie could sleep and, to our surprise, it worked like a charm. This little angel slept ALL NIGHT LONG. I just love her.
Thursday: We arrived in Kansas and hung out with Josh's friend, Mike, and his family. Mike's dad was kind enough to let us stay at his house where we had free reign of the basement. It was so nice to just relax and sleep in a bed for a night.

Friday: We hung out in Kansas for the entire day and just enjoyed spending time with Mike and his family. They had welcomed a new baby girl into their family only days before we got there, so it was especially nice of them to let us hang out with them all day. We just loved visiting with them! That evening, we hit the road again and drove through the night. Kylie didn't fall asleep quite as quickly as she had before, but she still slept all night long.

Saturday: We arrived in Michigan around 8:45am, making GREAT time. One nice thing about travelling at night is that there is ZERO traffic. We are happy to report that we arrived in Michigan without experiencing any car trouble, traffic tickets, or meltdowns from Kylie. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers :)

Since arriving in Michigan, Kylie has been spoiled like crazy by her grandparents and has already developed a cute little relationship with her granddad and Uncle Kramer. She's finally warming up to Grandma J. Kylie seems to warm up more quickly to men-- it's kind of strange. Anyway, we are SO happy to be close to family again.
This past Wednesday: Our ABF relocube arrived. Since we really weren't taking any furniture with us, we ordered a teeny, tiny little cube, approximately 6x7x8 :) As we loaded this thing up, we began to realize just how much stuff we had, but... miracles DO happen and everything managed to fit. Thanks to Josh's friends Kyle and Morgan who have amazing packing skills.

This might give you an idea of how PACKED this thing was! We opened the doors and stuff actually fell out, haha. Anyway, it's all here and in one piece. Now the UN-packing begins.