Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kylie's First Christmas

This is coming a little late, but... Merry Christmas! This year we couldn't afford to travel for the holidays, but we were blessed to spend them with friends and family.
On Christmas Eve we enjoyed having Megan and Mario over. They gave Kylie these cute little bear slippers that have bells inside them. She was fascinated with them all evening.

They brought their dog, Reggae, and Kylie enjoyed chasing him around... poor guy.
Kylie has been blessed with my wild hair, so Christmas Day started out with a nice bath to "tame" her hair. Plus baths always get her in a good mood.
Wearing the adorable outfit Grandma J got her- it says "Baby's First Christmas" on the front.
It took a little while for her to get the hang of unwrapping gifts. She was more interested in each tiny piece of paper she managed to get off more than the gift itself. But it was fun to watch.

Whew! What a busy morning!
When things settled down a little, we relaxed and enjoyed a little Christmas music. Kylie helped conduct "Christmas Canon" for us. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lots of Updates

Kylie is now 11 months old and busy as ever!She manages to get into everything... and I mean everything.
This one was actually my fault. We attempted to make a mold of her hand, and she refused to hold her hand in place. Instead she took a handful of the goo and smeared it all over herself. Then once it hardened, she ate it. *sigh* Silly girl.

Up until now she has been army crawling everywhere, but about a week ago she started ACTUALLY crawling on all fours. That is now her preferred method of getting around.
We have had a few encounters with Santa this holiday season. Kylie has been fascinated each time. This is our friend dressed up as Santa Claus :)
Kylie has experimented with standing on her own. Once she is balanced, she will start clapping or will raise her hands up above her head as if to say, "Look at me!"

For the past couple of weeks we have been battling colds, and failing miserably. As a result, Kylie has had some of the worst diapers I have ever encountered in my life. P.U.!!

We will update again as soon as possible. Enjoy the holiday!!