Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daddy's Girl

10 Months Old

Our little girl is 10 months old today! This month Kylie learned to pull herself up, which assists in her efforts to get into absolutely everything. Unfortunately, bruises show up frequently as she learns to explore new places. She has also learned to mimic words and sounds that Mom and Dad make.

She has also become very ticklish recently. I like this video because it shows off her cute little teeth :)

Kylie has recently become very ticklish. I like this video because it shows off her cute little teeth :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


It has been a month and a half since our condo flooded, and it is finally fixed! As I'm sure some of you may remember, we had a gaping hole right above our shower. Since they couldn't find a ceiling tile that would match the rest of our shower, they replaced the whole thing.


Luckily, the shower only looked that horrible for one day. They ripped out the shower on one day, and replaced it the next. We are thrilled to finally be done with all of the repairs!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kylie now knows a few little words! I only have a video of her saying "mama", but she can also say dada and baba/babo (bottle). I know, babies mumble all sorts of things, but she's been pretty consistent when she chooses to say these things.

My Growing Girl

It seems like all sorts of things are new with Kylie that I just forget to blog. She now has 4 teeth (2 bottom, 2 top) and will probably get a 5th tooth in the next day or two. She has all sorts of interesting habits that just remind me that she has a personality all her own. She likes to "fake cough", clap at random times, and "talk" while she cries.
As chaotic as life can be with this energetic little one, reading to her is one of my favorite things to do. I just LOVE how she smiles every time I turn the page.
Another interesting time of day is naptime. I always find her in the weirdest positions. I think this "bum in the air" pose is my favorite. She also likes to sit up in her crib- she's going to pull herself up any day now, I can feel it!
I hate to admit it, but Kylie dresses way better than I do! She's ready for winter!

Our Favorite Pastime

I think every couple needs to have a hobby that each person equally enjoys. For us, it is pool. When we first moved in to our complex, one of the perks was that the clubhouse had a pool table. Look how huge that is! And whenever we go, nobody else is up there. It's fabulous. I really look forward to going a couple times each week because life can get pretty crazy. I enjoy spending quality time with Josh while perfecting a talent (yes, I am actually very good at pool).

I'm winning :)

We usually can't go until later in the evening when Josh gets home from work, so Kylie is pretty tired by then. But... her cheerios keep her pretty content.