Monday, March 13, 2017

checking kylie's funny bone

Kylie turned 9 back in January and I finally got around to scheduling her wellness check.  During the appointment, I was yet again reminded of several interesting facts about her.

1. She is very petite.  She is just over 4 feet tall and weighs 46 pounds, putting her in the 5th percentile on the growth chart.  I certainly didn't expect her to be tall but, goodness sake!

2. She is witty.  While we waited in the exam room, I shared that I had to see a doctor once because I got a pretty big boo-boo on my head.  She replied, "I'm a little old for boo-boos.  Now I get injuries."

3. She is really smart.
       Doctor: "Oh hey, there's a squirrel outside." 
       Kylie: "There's a cardinal too.  It's a male."
       Doctor: "How can you tell?"
       Kylie: "Because the males are bright red and the females are brown.  That one is red."
       Doctor: "I don't know... that one looks pretty brown to me."
       < The cardinal hops up a little closer and is obviously red >
       Doctor: "Touche." 

       As the doctor started listening to her heart, Kylie began giggling uncontrollably.
       Doctor: "That's why you're so tiny.  You're burning so many calories by laughing!"
       Kylie: "Did you know {giggle} that it takes 72 muscles {giggle} to make a word?"
       {At this point the doctor had to give up on listening to her heart}...

4. She is honest.  And funny.
       Doctor: "Alright, everything looks good.  But do me a favor and eat some high calorie foods, like biscuits and gravy or something!"
       Kylie: "I don't like gravy."
       Me: "She's the healthiest eater out of all of my kids."
      Kylie: "Yeah, I probably shouldn't eat like Jackson.  Goldfish...pretzels...gum.  My mom told him he could have a piece of gum if he was good at this appointment and he swallowed it already."

Oh man, I love this girl of mine.  She may be tiny but she's got a larger-than-life personality!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

march {so far}

Mid-March is about the time when I hit my winter limit.  The frosty mornings, puffy coats, snow boots, and muddy paw prints can all just go away.  According to my calendar, spring is about a week away... and I'm ready.


We've all dealt with the last few chilly weeks of winter in different ways.

The kids in Kylie's 3rd grade class took turns presenting information on famous African Americans.  Kylie chose Sojourner Truth.  On the day of her presentation she had to dress the part.  {See her in the front row?}

Summer has spent much of her time reading.  We've both fallen in love with the Junie B. Jones series.


Maybe the girls' success in school is from all of the hardcore time we've spent at the library...  Ha!


Josh hopped on an airplane to Vegas and left winter behind completely for a few days.


And I went to Hobby Lobby and brought spring home in a bag.  Or three.

Actually, the decor business all started a couple weeks ago when I caught the plague a cold.  After being stuck in my bed for a solid week I decided that there was no time like the present to replace my bedding.  So I did.

And that prompted a few more decorating makeovers throughout the house. #sorrynotsorry

Spring is on its way, people.  I can feel it!

Josh's trip to Las Vegas was actually work related, but he was able to go do some fun things too. 


He was only gone for a few days but we're sure glad to have him back home!

Now that everyone is home and {mostly} healthy, life has returned back to normal = busy.  We're right back into gymnastics practices, reading logs, church responsibilities and meetings.  But we can't complain.  Life is good.

The flower beds might be a disaster, thanks to my puppy. 

The bathroom sink might have globs of toothpaste in it.

The floor could use a good sweeping.

And my kids could use some clothes that don't have holes in the knees.

But life is good.  Even if you need a jar of peanut butter {or something stronger} to help you through the tough days.


Spring and sunshine are on their way, but until then...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

february wrap up

February could not have been more random.  We experienced brief periods of this:

... and brief periods of this, with lots of wind and rain in between.

My parents came to visit for a long weekend.  Always fun :)

Josh took Summer to a daddy/daughter dance.  They both had a fabulous time!

Summer got a pretty good shiner around her left eye when she went down the slide backwards at recess.  But somehow she still managed to be a rockstar at gymnastics; she advanced to the next level because she mastered her back-walkover.  Way to go, Sums!

The warm temps allowed us to take a few family walks.  I've missed those.

After Jackson's seizure we took it easy for a little while.  His EEG came back normal so we're still not sure what caused the seizure in the first place.  Hopefully we never have to experience that again!  

 Roscoe is still giving us a run for our money.  

But I'm happy to say that we've nipped  this in the bud.  I was beginning to worry that Roscoe would always be the one taking me for walks!  He's doing awesome.

We had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Josh and I each got exactly what we wanted.  I got flowers and chocolates; he got a miter saw.  Truthfully, that saw was just as much for me as it was for him.  I love building things!

Kylie received a special surprise on Valentine's Day as well.  Her Aunt Bethany sent this fabulous card {with the sweetest note} to her school.  She was so excited!

Summer has been working hard on her reading.  She's mastered all of her sight words for the year!

The kids had a few days off from school so we busted out the art supplies.  I love these dot art markers.  On the back of the package it says that they are for ages 3 to 103.  Summer said, "So Jackson could color with GiGi?" {my 87-year-old grandmother}.  That made me smile :)

It felt so nice to spend time in the sunshine with this guy.  He is my happy place.

February was chocked full of sickness.  All. kinds. of sickness.

I think it started with the girls.  They complained of upset stomachs and feeling tired but they were able to tough it out and go to school.

Then Jackson had a seizure.

That same week Kylie missed 3 days of school in a row because she had a fever and an upset stomach.  Thankfully no vomiting, but I could tell that she was pretty miserable.

Not long after that it hit Summer.  I had to pick her up early from school because her stomach hurt.  The next two days she did go to school but confessed that she had to see the nurse both days. 

The warm weather was a welcome reprieve, but it was short-lived.  One evening we invited some friends over for dinner.  While the adults chatted in the living room the kids played upstairs.  Suddenly Jackson began throwing up his dinner.  Funnily enough, our doctor friend had just been saying how uneventful the ER is.  Apparently, all you need to do is come to our house! 

Jackson continued to throw up off and on for the next week.  One day he would be perfectly fine and the next day he would get sick, etc.  By the end of the week, Summer had caught a nasty cold and was home sick too.

Enough already!  I don't think I've had a "normal" week with all healthy kids so far this year! And the thing is, it's always different.  One kid might have a low-grade fever with no other symptoms.  Another kid might be sneezing.  We'll go several days where everyone seems fine but then a child randomly throws up.  It's been the longest "short" month!

One night I reached a point where I was either going to laugh or cry, I couldn't decide which.  So I started looking up funny memes online and got the best ab workout from laughing so hard.

I thought the worst was over.  I really did.  So I planned a lunch date with my guys.  It would have been wonderful had I not been coming down with something...

As the lunch progressed, so did my sickness.  By the time I got home I was a sneezing, coughing, feverish mess.  On top of all that, I got a huge canker sore underneath my tongue.  I sent a picture to my brother and this was our exchange:

That was funny for a little bit until I had to resume blowing my nose every 3 minutes.  Honestly, I can't remember the last time I got hit with a cold this bad.  I went to the doctor today because my right ear has been clogged since Monday and it's pretty painful.  He sent me home with some expired coupons for Flonase.  #doctorfail

I don't know about you but I'm ready for some sunshine and good health!

Monday, February 13, 2017

daddy/daughter dance

The girls take gymnastics at a sports complex that offers many different events throughout the year.  So when Summer came home with yet another flyer, I didn't think much of it.  But as soon as she said the words "daddy/daughter dance" my interest was piqued.  I have such fond memories of when my dad took me to special dances when I was a little girl.

Although both Kylie and Summer could have attended the dance, Summer was the one who insisted on going.  She was counting down the days for weeks!

Finally, the big day had arrived.  She couldn't have been more excited.  Or darling :)

These two had the best time!  They were surprised to see a few familiar faces from church there also, which made it that much more fun.

When Josh and Summer came home I asked how their evening went.  Summer said, "It was awesome!  We danced fancy... and CRAZY too!"

Sounds like my girl.